Lars Lagerbäck and Per Joar Hansen have worked together before and are close friends.

When "Perry" took over as coach for ÖFK, it was therefore obvious for Lagerbäck to extend a hand.

- Since "Perry" got this job and we are very close to each other, and I myself am only ten miles from here from time to time, I said that of course can assist or be a sounding board.

So you have to blame "Perry" that I am here, says Lagerbäck to the club.


Lagerbäck says that he will act as a sounding board for "Perry" and help with what is needed.

- If he wants me to do something, I will do it.

I have seen ÖFK's last three matches now and we have talked about how I looked at both opponents and how ÖFK has performed.

So I have tried to help in that way, then it is "Perry" who decides and makes decisions, he says.

Priorities in the defensive game

Östersunds FK is currently last in the Allsvenskan but just broke a long losing streak when they won 3-1 Elfsborg.

A win that Lagerbäck believes is thanks to Per Joar Hansen's entry into the club.

- The players are a little different now that "Perry" has come here in comparison with the previous coach.

There is a clear difference there in how to prioritize, especially in the defensive game.

It is not possible to change anything in two weeks as "Perry" has been here but, or it is possible to change and he has done, but it is not 100 percent yet.

- Hopefully he gets a week to now with all players healthy and then I think it can be even better.

In any case, that is what I hope for, says Lagerbäck.

ARCHIVE: Hard Norwegian criticism of Lagerbäck after the European Championship miss (October 9, 2020)

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Hard Norwegian criticism of Lagerbäck after the European Championship miss Photo: Bildbyrån