The Japanese national team of badminton, who finished with one bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, left for Europe on the 21st to participate in the international tournament, which will be a restart to the Paris tournament.

The Japanese national badminton team is expected to win medals in all five events at the Tokyo Olympics, but the men's singles Kento Momota lost in the qualifying round, and the main players missed medals one after another, becoming one bronze medal in mixed doubles. it's over.

With the need to rebuild the strengthening for the Paris tournament three years from now, the players are scheduled to participate in four international tournaments in Europe from the end of this month to the end of next month, including Momota on the 21st. A player departed from Haneda Airport for Finland.

Momota, who was nominated as the captain of the national team, responded to an interview before departure, saying, "At the Olympics, I was chased by various things and my horizons were narrowed. If you gain momentum in the team competition, you will be able to smoothly enter the individual competition, so I want to do what I can first. "

Head coach Park Joo-Bong, who continues to lead the team, said, "I'm sorry I didn't get good results at the Olympics, but I'm restarting from this expedition. It's difficult to get good results, but I'd like to bring it with me so that I can have a real revenge next year. "