Hideki Matsui, who played an active part in the Yankees of the major leagues, praised Shohei Ohtani of the Angels who participated in the charity golf tournament in the United States and continues to fight for the home run king, "It has realized the world of dreams." I did.

After retiring, Mr. Matsui has been the representative of an NPO that aims to raise children soundly through baseball. rice field.

In this, Mr. Matsui praised Otani, "Baseball fans all over the United States are paying attention to all his play. It is a very big player in the major leagues, and the numbers tell everything." ..

Otani has set a new record of 31 home runs for Japanese players in the major leagues in 2004, which was hit by Mr. Matsui in 2004, and has increased the record to 44 so far, and continues to fight for the king of home runs.

Regarding this, Mr. Matsui said, "I think it's a real dream world for Japanese baseball fans. He has made it happen. Not only hitting but also playing as a pitcher is Japanese baseball. I think it's one of the biggest in the history of baseball, "he said, and was pleased with the success of Otani, who is also a junior of Angels.

Bobby Valentine, who was the director of Major League Baseball, Mets and Lotte of professional baseball, also participated in this tournament. Let's do it. "