China News Service, Xi’an, September 21 (Reporter Wang Zumin) Su Bingtian’s first gold in the National Games and Wang Shun’s record-breaking 13th gold both appeared on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 21st, which is also worthwhile for the National Games. Said it was a night of consummation.

  The highly anticipated men’s 100-meter trapeze battle, as one wished, dedicated a high-level event. Asian record holder Su Bingtian won the championship in 9.95 seconds and broke the National Games record. This is the tenth time that Su Bingtian has broken through 10 in his career. The second mark is also the first time this Asian flying man has been crowned the National Games laurels.

Xie Zhenye won the runner-up in 10 seconds and Wu Zhiqiang won the bronze medal in 10.18 seconds.

  A total of 9 gold medals were produced in the track and field on that day. Among them, Tokyo Olympic athletes Feng Bin and Chen Yang swept the women's discus gold and silver medals; Shanghai teenager Lu Jiawen won the first track and field title of the "post-00" in the National Games in the women's high jump; In the men's 10,000-meter final, the middle-distance runner Dobje defended his title in 28 minutes 35.24 seconds.

  Su Bingtian, who participated in the National Games for the fourth time, finally met Jin, and the famous swimmer Wang Shun received his 13th gold in the recent 3 National Games on the 21st.

  In the men's 200m freestyle final, Wang Shun won the championship with a time of 1:46.14. With the fourth gold medal in this National Games, he expanded his total number of gold medals in the National Games to 13, surpassing the previous one. The total number of personal gold medals in the history of the National Games is 12 records.

  In the swimming arena that day, defending champion and two-time World Championship gold medalist Xu Jiayu easily won the men’s 100 backstroke championship; for women’s 100m breaststroke, Beijing athlete Yu Jingyao won the gold medal, with a time of 1:05.63, and the dusty Asia of 12 years The record is only 0.31 seconds away.

  In the women's 100m backstroke, defending champion Fu Yuanhui won the bronze medal, and 18-year-old Hubei teenager Peng Xuwei became the new champion of the National Games.

  In the semifinals of the women's 200m freestyle, Zhang Yufei, who was unwell, ranked last in the group and missed the final.

  In the table tennis arena, another upset, the Liaoning women's team "one black to the end"-after successively defeating the Heilongjiang and Hebei teams with Olympic champions Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, there was not a single Olympian In the final, the Liaoning team, led by Olympic champion Chen Meng 3:1, won the gold medal for the women's table tennis team at the National Games for the first time.

  In the men's team finals, the Beijing-Guangdong battle led by the two Olympic champions Ma Long and Fan Zhendong respectively staged a true peak duel.

In the end, the Guangdong team defeated the Beijing team 3:1 and won the men's team championship at the National Games for the first time in 24 years.

Among them, Fan Zhendong, the world's number one in men's singles, scored two points and beat Malone 3:2 in the fourth game, reporting the "Vengeance of the Arrow" in the men's singles final of the Tokyo Olympics.

  In the weightlifting arena, two Tokyo Olympic champions won the two-level gold medals that day.

  In the men's 61 kg weightlifting finals, Li Fabin won the championship with 311 kg, a total of 2 kg less than the Tokyo Olympics.

This was obviously not what Li Fabin expected. He scored 6 points for himself after the game.

  In the men's 67 kg class, the Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Lijun won the championship with absolute strength, with a total score of 332 kg leading the runner-up by 8 kg.

  The fencing arena also burst into popularity. In the semi-finals of the women's epee individual competition, the Tokyo Olympic new champion Sun Yiwen lost to Liaoning player Xiang Yixuan and missed the final.

Xiang Yixuan and Hunan famous general Lin Sheng won the championship and runner-up respectively.

  Gymnastics produced the men's team gold medal, and the Jiangsu team led by Olympic silver medalist You Hao narrowly defeated the Hunan team to win the championship.

  In the boxing arena, Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Gu Hong, Rio Olympic bronze medalist Hu Jianguan, and Tokyo Olympics enter the quarter-finals Chang Yuan defended their titles in the women's 69 kg class, men's 52 kg class and women's 51 kg class respectively.

  The under 22 men's basketball team, which basically represents the current level of the Chinese men's basketball team, kicked off on the 21st. The champions Liaoning and Guangdong both won the first round with absolute advantage.

Among them, the Liaoning team defeated the host Shaanxi team 98:58. Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei and Han Dejun contributed 48 points together.