A meeting of representatives of 12 professional baseball teams was held, and it was decided to proceed with the examination to conduct a demonstration experiment to enter the audience by utilizing the vaccination of the new coronavirus and the proof of negative test.

Professional baseball is discussing with experts at the new Coronavirus Countermeasures Liaison Conference with the J.League on how to use vaccination and negative test proofs to ease the spectator limit in line with government policy. ..

At the 12-team representatives' meeting on the 21st, it was confirmed that we will proceed with the consideration of conducting a demonstration experiment utilizing this mechanism in this season's game.

NPB = Atsushi Ihara, Executive Secretary of Nippon Professional Baseball, said, "Conducting demonstration experiments in response to changes in the situation in October and November will lead to a response for the next season. , The discussion proceeded while raising issues. "

In professional baseball, tickets will be sold up to 5,000 people who have already been vaccinated twice in a game hosted by Softbank in Fukuoka City in September, or who have a negative PCR test within a week. We are starting to work on it.

In addition to this, at the meeting, due to the problem that the Hanshin scout had an interview with a baseball member of Nara Tenri High School before submitting the "Professional Baseball Aspiration Report", it is a professional who can negotiate with the high school baseball member again in 12 teams. We have confirmed that we will comply with the regulations for the day after the application is submitted.