Data map: On the evening of September 15, the 14th National Games officially kicked off. The opening ceremony was held at the Olympic Sports Center in Xi’an, the ancient capital of a thousand years.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

  China News Service Client Beijing, September 20 (Reporter Xing Rui) The 14th National Games is in full swing in the land of Sanqin. In the arena, there are tears of joy after victory, and tears after defeat; The memorial of the deceased teacher, there is also the persistence to fight for the dream; there is the reluctance to wave goodbye, and there is also the effort that does not count the return.

  Before the opening of the National Games, the men's volleyball senior group competition has ended.

The Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team once again topped the highest podium in the National Games after a lapse of 12 years.

After winning the championship, the players happily held a group photo with the gold medal.

The stumbling along the way finally got the sweetest reward at that moment.

  I still remember that after the semi-finals, the team’s 30-year-old veteran Chen Longhai cried so much that the head coach Shen Qiong and assistant coach Lu Ningxin took him in their arms and comforted him softly.

Four years ago, Chen Longhai failed to help the team rush to the semi-finals. At that time, he was surrounded by self-blame and chagrin.

This time, after the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team experienced the downturn in the group stage, it withstood the pressure and had the last laugh.

And this heavy gold medal is enough to make up for Chen Longhai's regret four years ago.

A screenshot of Chen Aisen's social media.

  In the men's diving team competition, the Rio Olympic champion Chen Aisen and the Tokyo Olympic champion Xie Siyu led the Guangdong men's team on the highest podium.

At the awards ceremony, Chen Aisen shed tears on the spot.

These tears not only contain the joy of victory, but also the memory of the teacher.

  In early June of this year, Wu Guocun, the former head coach of the Guangdong diving team who had trained and discovered many outstanding diving athletes, suddenly passed away, causing Chen Aisen to suffer a blow.

In the double 10-meter platform competition at the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Aisen and his partner Cao Yuan missed the gold medal by a narrow gap.

After successfully winning the team gold medal in the National Games this time, Chen Aisen can finally comfort his mentor's spirit in the sky.

  He wrote on his personal social media: "This is your wish, have you seen it? We did it. This will will be passed down in Guangdong diving, brothers and sisters, we will continue to cheer for the next competition."

Screenshot of Chen Long's social media.

  The stadium of the National Games gathered the top national athletes from rookies to veterans.

While some newcomers are emerging, many veterans are also fighting for their dreams.

  The 32-year-old badminton veteran Chen Long announced his withdrawal from the follow-up competition after ending the men's singles semi-final competition.

In this duel with Shi Yuqi, Chen Long lost 0:2.

This also means that the last National Games trip in his career failed to draw a perfect end.

  From the Tokyo Olympics to the Shaanxi National Games, Chen Long, who is no longer young, obviously did not withstand the intensive schedule and the impact of young opponents.

Five trips to the National Games, as an Olympic champion, he still failed to achieve a grand slam feat.

  However, for next year's Hangzhou Asian Games, Chen Long is still ambitious: "Although the National Games career is at the end, but the career has not yet reached the end, we still have to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games next year."

Data map: On September 14th, in the men's 10-meter air pistol team final of the 14th National Games, Olympic champion Pang Wei led teammates Zhang Jie and Hu Pengqi to withstand the pressure of the Fujian team in the final stage of the match and beat the opponent by 16:14 , To help the Hebei team win the championship in this project.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

  For other veterans, the National Games is the curtain call of their careers.

After leading the Hebei team to win the men's 10-meter air pistol team championship in the National Games, the Chinese shooting star Pang Wei calmly put an end to his career: "I will retire after the National Games is over. You see, I played too hard."

  Simple words revealed Pang Wei's sadness and helplessness.

When more than 20 years of professional career reached the end, Pang Wei said that this gold medal was his account of the 10-meter air pistol project.

  But Pang Wei's departure from the stadium after that was not the end, but a new beginning.

In shooting projects, China is full of talents.

Pang Wei's partner and his junior brother Hu Pengqi stood on the highest podium when he participated in the National Games for the first time, and the inheritance of Chinese shooting was thus completed between the old and the new.

Screenshot of Quan Hongchan's social media.

  The departure of the veteran is certainly reluctant, but the rise of the rookie is also surprising.

The 14-year-old Quan Hongchan went from the Olympic Games to the National Games.

However, an episode occurred during the competition, which made the audience feel the warmth from the organizing committee.

  A few days ago, Quan Hongchan posted on his personal social media that he had landed his beloved doll in Xi'an during the game.

After learning about it, the organizing committee left a message as soon as possible: "Sister, don't worry, we will help you find a baby."

  After only three hours, the organizing committee said that the doll had been found, and they would send the doll to her sister as soon as possible.

In fact, situations like Quan Hongchan have happened from time to time after the opening of Quanyun Village.

  Athletes devote themselves to the game, and sometimes leave in a hurry, and some items will be lost in the room.

When the staff finds the items in the room, they will report to the organizing committee as soon as possible, and the organizing committee will also get in touch with the relevant representative team as soon as possible to return the items in the most convenient way.

Data map: September 14, Xi'an, Shaanxi, volunteers in the main media center of the National Games.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Qiming

  The smooth holding of each competition is actually inseparable from the silent contributions of the staff and volunteers behind the scenes.

Especially for those volunteers who do not ask for anything in return, they use enthusiasm and patience in exchange for the order of the arena, as well as the kindness and respect of the athletes.

  After the women's 10-meter platform competition, young player Zhang Jiaqi was interviewed after the game and saw that the volunteers were holding the microphone for the contestants for a long time, and his hands trembled.

She hurriedly took the microphone herself, so that the volunteers next to her could have a moment of rest.

A small move caused netizens to call out: "Sisters are beautiful and strong."

  As the schedule progresses, there will undoubtedly be more heart-warming moments inside and outside the arena.

It is worth mentioning that during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the National Games will have a number of focus battles staged.

While admiring the moon, you might as well set your sights on the arena and feel the joy and touch of sports.