China News Service, Xi'an, September 20 (Reporter Wang Zumin) A true peak matchup in the history of Chinese men's 100 meters track and field will set off a climax for the National Games on the 21st.

Table tennis men's and women's team finals will be dedicated to super world-class exciting events.

  Track and field competitions will produce 9 gold medals, of which the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the men's 100-meter final.

  In the semi-finals on the 20th, Su Bingtian, who had obvious reservations, still ranked first in the final with a score of 10.06.

He said after the game that he would go all out in the finals.

  In the history of China's men's 100 meters, the top six runners in their performances are Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Zhang Peimeng, Chen Guanfeng, Wu Zhiqiang, and Xu Zhouzheng.

Today, with the exception of Zhang Peimeng, who has retired, the other five have all entered the finals of the National Games.

This also means that the flying war on the 21st will bring a true peak showdown in the history of the Chinese men's 100 meters.

  In the women's discus competition, the three Tokyo Olympic athletes Su Xinyue, Feng Bin and Chen Yang will play again. Among them, Su Xinyue and Feng Bin are the champions and runners-up of the previous National Games.

  Women's discus was also the dominant event of the Chinese team. Li Yanfeng won the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

But in the women's discus competition at the Tokyo Olympics, only Chen Yang entered the final and won the tenth place.

  The swimming arena will have 4 gold medals in the men's and women's 100-meter backstroke, men's 200-meter freestyle and women's 100-meter breaststroke.

  Two-time World Championship champion Xu Jiayu is expected to defend his title in the men's 100m backstroke.

At the Tokyo Olympics, suffering from stomach problems, he ranked fifth and missed a medal.

  In the women's 100m backstroke, Fu Yuanhui also fought to defend the title.

The Rio Olympic bronze medalist was not selected for the Tokyo Olympic lineup.

In the semifinals on the evening of the 20th, she, who claimed to be "old", advanced to the final with her group first.

  In the men's 200m freestyle, Wang Shun, who advanced to the semifinal group first, will once again attack the gold medal.

After winning two consecutive relay gold medals on the 20th, his total number of gold medals in the National Games has reached 12, tying Sun Yang's personal record of 12 gold medals in the National Games.

  The two preliminaries and semi-finals in the swimming pool that day are also quite worthy of attention: in the women's 200m freestyle preliminaries, "Queen of the Butterfly" Zhang Yufei will play in her second individual event in this National Games.

In the women's 200m individual medley preliminaries, the London Olympic double champion Ye Shiwen will go into battle.

  The weightlifting arena will begin a contest of 7 levels of men's weightlifting.

At the Tokyo Olympics, four Chinese male athletes won gold medals in all four levels of the competition.

In the current National Games, the four Tokyo Olympic champions will all fight again, and some outstanding athletes who missed the Olympic stage due to the number of entries will also show their skills.

It can be expected that, like the women's sports competition that just ended, the men's sports competitions in this National Games will also bring competitions that are not inferior to the Olympic level.

  Two Tokyo Olympic champions will take the lead in the men's weightlifting 61 kg and 67 kg finals on the 21st.

  In the men's 61 kg final of the Tokyo Olympics, Li Fabin won the championship and broke the Olympic record for clean and jerk and overall results. His "Golden Rooster Independent" action after lifting the barbell in the final was breathtaking.

Chen Lijun, the gold medalist in the men's 67 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics, is the 62 kg class champion in the previous two National Games.

  The fencing arena is expected to present a confrontation between the old and new sisters of the Chinese women's epee.

Sun Yiwen, the new champion of the Tokyo Olympics, and Xu Anqi, the defending champion and the gold medalist of the London Olympic women's epee team, are all capable of winning gold medals.

  In the boxing arena, Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Gu Hong, Rio Olympic bronze medalist Hu Jianguan and Tokyo Olympics enter the quarter-finals Chang Yuan will defend their titles in the women's 69 kg class, men's 52 kg class and women's 51 kg class respectively.

  There will also be three high-profile group battles that day.

  The table tennis competition will be the first to produce the men's and women's team gold medals.

The men's team finals will be held between the Beijing team led by Ma Long and the Guangdong team led by Fan Zhendong.

  Chen Meng, the Tokyo Olympic champion and number one in the women's singles world, will lead the Shandong team to compete with the Liaoning team for the women's team gold medal.

  Gymnastics will go to the men's team finals.

In the preliminaries, Jiangsu, Hunan, and Guangdong ranked the top three temporarily, and the defending champion Guizhou team ranked seventh.

  The five-a-side basketball will usher in the men's basketball under 22 (U22) competition, and there will be 8 teams participating in the competition.

According to the rules, each team that enters the U22 finals can sign up for 4 overage players and can play at the same time.

  Judging from the published lists of the teams, this men's basketball U22 tournament covers most of the core strengths of the current Chinese basketball, and is close to the lineup of adult tournaments.

For example, the Liaoning team Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Han Dejun, Zhang Zhenlin and other stars gather, and the Guangdong team has Zhou Peng, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Zhao Rui, Liu Chuanxing and other talents. The two teams will also continue the Liaoning and Guangdong hegemony in the CBA arena. To the stadium of the National Games.

Compared with the Guangdong team, the absolute king of the CBA, the defending champion Liaoning has a greater advantage in the National Games.

  In the first round of the U22 men's basketball team on the 21st, the Liaoning team will face the host Shaanxi team, Guangdong and Zhejiang will face Shandong and Tianjin respectively, and the Hubei team will challenge the Beijing team. (over)