[The 14th National Games] Gymnastics "Little Flower" appeared in the National Games venue Guan Chenchen's appearance show "Head Shake Dance"

  On September 20, the women's gymnastics competition of the 14th National Games kicked off.

In the second match of the Women’s Qualifying Tournament that afternoon, Guan Chenchen, a member of the Chinese women’s gymnastics team and the Tokyo Olympic women’s gymnastics balance beam champion, led the Zhejiang team in a "head shake dance" and won the audience's applause.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, Guan Chenchen attracted countless fans with the action of "Kangaroo shaking his hands".

At the scene of the day, she also became the focus of attention of the audience and the media.

(Reporter Xu Pengpeng Zhang Yichen produced Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]