China News Service, Xi'an, September 20th, title: Gong Lijiao, who has won four consecutive championships, has his next dream on the road

  China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

  For the fourth time on the 20th, she won the women's shot put championship at the National Games. This may not be a surprise to Gong Lijiao, who just won the Tokyo Olympic champion, but it has a different meaning.

  The years that have passed, Gong Lijiao reached the highest podium at the Tokyo Olympics and became the first Chinese athlete to win the Olympic championship in field events. She has also achieved a career Grand Slam.

"A person must have a dream, what if it is realized?" Gong Lijiao's "dream sentence" has spread all over the Internet.

  "Now a lot of people see me saying this in the first sentence." Gong Lijiao said with a smile. She is always asked by everyone, the dream has come true, what else do you need to do next?

  After Tokyo won the championship, Gong Lijiao's popularity skyrocketed, and various interview invitations came in.

In her own words, although physically exhausted, she does not want to give up the opportunity to "endorse" for shot puts.

It is actually a dream of her to bring the relatively unpopular project of shot put into fire.

  As soon as Gong Lijiao played on the evening of the 20th, the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center burst into thunderous applause.

For Gong Lijiao, this is a long-lost feeling.

"There were no spectators at the Tokyo Olympics, so I had to mobilize myself. I really like the atmosphere of the scene today. This is a recognition of our Chinese shot put and Chinese track and field."

  However, Gong Lijiao said that this National Games was her "most stressful" time, but this kind of pressure made her "not worried."

  how you said that?

Although it was not unexpected to win the championship for the fourth time, it was not easy to win the championship that night.

After returning from the Tokyo Olympics, he went through 21 days of isolation. Gong Lijiao, who stood on the field again, was slightly "tight". The first throw was only 18.99 meters, and the second time was 19.58 meters. Song Jiayuan, a teenager who fought together for the Tokyo Olympics He shot 19 meters 66 and overtook Gong Lijiao.

  In the next throw, Song Jiayuan continued to "press" Gong Lijiao. In the fourth shot, Song Jiayuan threw a career best score of 19.76 meters, and Gong Lijiao shot 19 meters and 88 to maintain the lead.

This throw is also the best result of the night for the two, and it is also the result of the final decision of the championship and runner-up.

  Although Song Jiayuan's outstanding performance made Gong Lijiao "somewhat pressure", it was actually a portrayal of Gong Lijiao's dream reflected in reality.

"This shows that our Chinese women's shot puts successors, which makes me more at ease. Only when there are successors can I retire more comfortably."

  Gong Lijiao praised Song Jiayuan's performance.

"She is really good. Everyone is tired after coming back from the Olympics, but she can still create her best results. It really shows that our women's shot put reserve is very strong." Gong Lijiao smiled and called Song Jiayuan and the bronze medalist Zhang Linru his "sister" ".

"Congratulations to the two sisters, but I also hope that the two sisters can inherit the tradition and let Chinese shot put into the world."

  In addition to this big dream, Gong Lijiao also has a dream on his way.

"My phone's end number is 21, which is actually one of my goals." After the game, Gong Lijiao and everyone sold off.

  It turned out that the 21-meter throw was Gong Lijiao's goal all along.

At the Tokyo Olympics, her winning result was 20 meters 58, which was the best result of her career.

But she still wants to continue working towards the 21-meter goal.

  Once again won the National Games gold medal, Gong Lijiao became the first Chinese athlete to win four consecutive championships in the track and field events of the National Games.

She smiled and said that she was very excited about making history, but she "want to win five consecutive championships."

As for the Paris Olympics three years later, Gong Lijiao said: "I have waited for five years, and there are three years left. I still hope to be able to stand in the Olympics arena. Although it is difficult, I still want to persevere."

  At the Olympic Games, he reached the highest podium, and the National Games was the first person to win four consecutive track and field championships. Gong Lijiao's dream is still on the way: lead a female shot put on fire and hit the 21-meter goal.

"This National Games gold medal is a new starting point for me." (End)