Professional baseball player Munetaka Murakami hit a No. 35 home run against Hiroshima on the 19th, and achieved a total of No. 100 home runs at 21 years and 7 months, the youngest in history.

Murakami started in the 4th third in the match against Hiroshima at Jingu Stadium from 5:30 pm, and in the first inning, pitcher Koya Takahashi, the starting pitcher of Hiroshima, hit Wright with No. 35 solo home run.

With this, Murakami reached the 100th home run in total at 21 years and 7 months, surpassing the 21 years and 9 months marked by Seibu's Kazuhiro Kiyohara in 1989, breaking the youngest record in history.

Through the team, Murakami commented, "Mr. Aoki hit a home run, so I hit it with momentum. I may have been a little conscious of it in the last few games, but I am very happy to be able to hit it."

Murakami is from Kumamoto prefecture.

He hit a home run in the first professional at-bat in the first year, and in the second year of the professional, he played in all games and hit 36 ​​home runs in the league third place to become the rookie king.

In the third year of last season, he hit 28 home runs in 2nd place in the league, and this season he started in 4th place in all games so far, and the number of home runs is 2nd in the league after giant Kazuma Okamoto. I'm pulling a team competing for.

100 home run youth record

1 Munetaka Murakami Yakult 21 years 7 months

2 Kazuhiro Kiyohara Seibu 21 years 9 months

3 Futoshi Nakanishi Nishitetsu 22 years 3 months

4 Hideki Matsui Giants 22 years 10 months

5 Isao Harimoto Toei 23 years 0 months

6 Sadaharu Oh Giants 23 years old 2 months

7 Yasumitsu Toyota Nishitetsu 23-year-old 4 months

8 Masahiro Doi Kintetsu 23-year-old and 5 months

9 Masayuki Kakefu Hanshin 23-year-old 11 months

9 Tetsuto Yamada Yakult 23-year-old 11 months

※ team's achievement at that time belongs