Volleyball men, Japan national team coach Yuichi Nakagaichi will retire at the end of this month due to the expiration of his term.

This was announced by the Japan Volleyball Association.

Director Nakagaichi was appointed as the coach of the Japanese national team in 2017, and worked to strengthen the team with Philippe Blain, who has experience in coaching national teams in France, etc., and broke through the qualifying league for the first time in 29 years at the Tokyo Olympics. ..

According to the Japan Volleyball Association, Director Nakagaichi will retire at the end of this month as his term expires.

Through the association, Nakagaichi said, "During my tenure, I had to fight worries, suffering, and conflicts, but it was also a happy time to watch the growth of the players in the special seats. I am convinced that it is the result of winning the entire volleyball world and that a bright future will continue with talented players. "

The Japan Volleyball Association will continue to select a successor manager.