(Shaanxi National Games) Rio Olympic champion dormant for four years to win gold: veteran stubbornness, long-lost "release"

  China News Service, Weinan, Shaanxi, September 18th, title: Rio Olympic champion dormant for four years to win gold: veteran stubbornness, long-lost "release"

  China News Agency reporter Wang Peng

  "Extremely cool! Extraordinarily relieved! Extraordinarily comfortable!" On the afternoon of the 18th, after the Women's Weightlifting 76kg final of the 14th National Games, Xiang Yanmei, who appeared in the mixed mining area, shouted with tears in her eyes, releasing the backlog. Long emotions.

Prior to this, the 29-year-old Rio Olympic champion and weightlifting "Grand Slam" player had been dormant for four years.

  Time returned to about 17 o'clock that day.

At the final scene, Xiang Yanmei, who had already secured the gold medal, demanded a weight of 157 kilograms in the last clean and jerk, which exceeded the world record of 1 kilogram.

In normal training, she has only lifted 153 kg at most, and only once.

The original words of Zhou Junfu, the head coach of the Hunan Provincial Weightlifting Management Center, were, "I can lift very little even 150 kilograms."

  But Xiang Yanmei decided to "release her energy" today.

When the Hunan veteran walked to the weightlifting platform, there was only the sound of rain hitting the ceiling in the weightlifting hall.

Lifting the bell, exerting force, squatting to pick up the bell, standing up to adjust the bell, pre-squatting to exert force... In the freezing air, Xiang Yanmei lifted the barbell steadily.

After the three white lights that represented the success of the lift were lit, she threw down the barbell, held her fingers up, and celebrated in excitement.

  The release at this moment, in her words, "holds on for too long."

  In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Xiang Yanmei won the gold medal in the women's weightlifting 69 kg class, and again won the gold medal in the 13th National Games in 2017, achieving the "Grand Slam" of the weightlifting career.

However, long-term high-load training caused her to suffer serious hip, waist, and leg injuries, and she had to retire due to injuries.

It wasn't until nearly a year later that she returned to the weightlifting gym for the first time.

  "When I returned to the training ground and picked up the barbell, I felt that I still had the passion to fight again." In Xiang Yanmei's memory, the days after resuming training were gray, not only had to overcome the trouble of injury, Also faced with the denial and doubt from the outside world, "In the past three years, many people have been denying me, and they have been denied all the way. Only myself and the coach have affirmed me."

  "She walked harder than anyone else." Zhou Junfu recalled that because of her older age, Xiang Yanmei took longer to recover after each training session.

For various reasons, she was not selected for the national team, missed the world-class competition, and missed the Tokyo Olympics.

  For more than three years, this Olympic champion has been preparing for the National Games.

In the finals, she was once faced with a fierce impact from rising stars-her snatch performance of 118 kg ranked only fourth, and the top three were all "post 00s".

In particular, Peng Cuiting, a 20-year-old player from Guangdong, surpassed the world record in snatching 125 kilograms.

  "I'm confident that clean and jerk will be much better than them!" After four years of dormancy, Xiang Yanmei stubbornly "strained a bit of energy."

After lifting 150 kilograms in the second clean and jerk, she has secured the gold medal, but still decided to hit the world record.

"The last hand is 157 (kg). I tried my best to prove myself!"

  After relaxing after the game, Xiang Yanmei bluntly said that "the whole body hurts", but looking back on her last move to exceed the world record, she described it as "perfect".

She said that she usually trains harder than the younger players. He gets tired more easily when he gets older. The treatment time lasts up to two hours every day. “My injury is a big problem. After practicing and adjusting, there is no regret for this result."

  29 years old, this is undoubtedly the "old age" among female weightlifters.

Regarding the future, Xiang Yanmei avoided talking about it, only saying that she would take a break and adjust for a period of time and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family first.

"In the past few years, I have experienced too much. I have thought about the good and the bad."

  Zhou Junfu revealed to a reporter from China News Agency that Xiang Yanmei had quietly told him, "I want to participate in the Asian Games next year." (End)