Shohei Ono and Hifumi Abe, who won the gold medal in the judo of the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the online judo class and taught the children the points to be taken when throwing their inner thighs and seoi-nage.

This class was taught by Tadahiro Nomura, who won the Olympic Games for the third time in a row, and was held online by connecting the venue in Yokohama City with 30 elementary school students from Japan and overseas.

Ono, who won the Olympic Games for the second time in a row in the men's 73 kg class at the Tokyo Games, and Abe, who won the gold medal in the men's 66 kg class, participated as guests.

First of all, Abe showed off his favorite Seoi-nage and instructed that it is important to pull out the opponent firmly and then start the technique.

In addition, it is important to introduce training using tubes that you have been doing since you were a child, and practice while being aware of not only the "puller" who has the sleeve of the other party but also the "fisherman" who has the collar. I sent advice.

Ohno participated remotely from Nara Prefecture, where the practice base is located, and instructed his specialty, Uchimata.

In addition, Hifumi Abe, the younger sister of Hifumi Abe, who won the gold medal in the women's 52 kg class, also participated and answered questions from children.

Hifumi Abe said, "I think the children were having fun and I was able to convey the goodness of judo. I was also energized, so I thought I'd do my best again, and I felt that I had to work harder." Was there.