China News Service, Xi'an, September 19 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The National Games on the 19th was still very good.

Olympic champion Li Wenwen won the gold medal again, drawing a successful conclusion to the women's sports competition; Wang Shun achieved three consecutive championships and went one step further to the National Games gold king; Liu Shiwen's Guangdong team missed the top eight of the women's table tennis team, and broke the day's event. A big upset.

  Five gold medals were produced on the first day of the swimming competition.

Wang Shun, the gold medalist in the men’s 200m individual medley at the Tokyo Olympics, as expected, won the men’s 400m individual medley championship, achieving his three consecutive championships in the event, which was also his tenth in the National Games. gold medal.

  Since the National Games, Sun Yang and Guangdong swimming star Luo Zhaoying have tied for the multiple gold kings with 12 gold medals. In this National Games, Wang Shun is expected to surpass.

  In the women's 400-meter individual medley, the 16-year-old Zhejiang teenager Yu Yiting won the championship.

In the men’s 400-meter freestyle arena, in the absence of defending champion Sun Yang, Shandong star Ji Xinjie replaced the silver medal in the previous National Games with a gold medal.

  In the women's 4x100m freestyle relay, the "Olympic United Team", which broke the Asian record at the Tokyo Olympics, easily won the championship; the London Olympic individual medley double champion Ye Shiwen helped Zhejiang team win the women's 4x200m medley relay gold medal.

  In the women's 100m butterfly preliminaries and semi-finals that day, "Feiyu" Zhang Yufei easily advanced to the first place, which made the audience look forward to the finals on the 20th.

  The final battle of women's weightlifting resulted in the "heaviest" gold medal.

In the final of the largest class above 87 kg, the new Olympic champion Li Wenwen won the same performance (320 kg) at the Tokyo Olympics, and the Rio Olympic champion Meng Suping won the silver medal.

  So far, the women's weightlifting competition of the current National Games has come to a successful conclusion, and three Tokyo Olympic gold medalists have won the championship again.

This event, which exceeds the Olympic level, has also become another proof of the "dream team" of Chinese women's sports.

  The National Games women's sports events are exactly the same as those of the Olympic Games.

In the 7 competitions, six champions surpassed the Olympic gold medal performance, and one was the same as the Olympic gold medal performance. Among them, 3 people exceeded 3 world records three times. The Chinese team did not send any athletes to participate in the 64 kg class of the Tokyo Olympics. The results of the top six surpassed the results of the Tokyo Olympic champions.

  Also on the 19th, the rowing competition ended with 10 gold medals. Among them, Hunan star Zhang Liangri won two gold medals. After winning the men's single scull gold medal, he and his national teammate Liu Zhiyu won in the name of the "Olympic United Team". Men's double scull championship.

In the women's eight-a-side single oars final, the "Olympic United Team" also won the championship with absolute advantage.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, Liu Zhiyu/Zhang Liang won the men's double scull bronze medal, and achieved a breakthrough in the men's Olympic medal zero for the Chinese rowing team.

  Boxing in the 75 kg class, Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Li Qian won the championship as expected and achieved the defense.

  The men's and women's table tennis team competition was held on the last day of the group stage. Rio Olympic champion and Tokyo Olympic runner-up Liu Shiwen led the Guangdong team with a 1:3 loss to the Beijing team and missed the quarterfinals.

Liu Shiwen played two games in this campaign, one win and one loss.

  The other players of the national table tennis participating in the Tokyo Olympics all entered the team quarterfinals with the team.

  The gymnastics competition opened on the 19th took the lead in the men's preliminaries. The Jiangsu team, with national players You Hao and Sun Wei, ranked first in the preliminaries.

Men's all-around, Hunan's Zhang Boheng temporarily ranked first in the preliminaries, followed by Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Xiao Ruoteng.

In addition, Xiao Ruoteng entered the top six in the free exercise, pommel horse, parallel bars, and horizontal bar preliminaries.

  Liu Yang and You Hao, who divided the men's ring gold and silver medals in the Tokyo Olympics, continued to take the top two in the preliminaries; the Tokyo Olympic men's parallel bars champion Zou Jingyuan still ranked first in the preliminaries by absolute advantage.