15-year-old Rikuto Tamai won the men's high diving in the Japan Championships, and won the tournament for the third consecutive time.

The diving Japan Championship was held in Utsunomiya City, and the second event was held on the 19th, the final day of the tournament.

Of these, Tamai, a 15-year-old third-year junior high school student who has won the tournament for the second time in a row, participated in the men's high diving.

Tamai finished 7th in the Tokyo Olympics in this event and won the prize for the first time in 21 years as a Japanese player.

On the 19th, he faced with the same performance composition as the final of the Olympic Games, and in the final that advanced in 1st place in the qualifying, he took the lead in the first performance and continued to score high points with stable performance.

In the fifth time of the second half, he challenged the "307C", which made a mistake in the final of the Olympic Games and made a positive somersault three and a half times, and five out of seven referees scored 9.5 points out of ten. I showed you the acting.

Tamai won the tournament for the third time in a row, with a total of 516.85 for the six times, which was less than 10 points for his personal best, which he marked in this tournament last year.

Tamai said, "I thought the fifth performance was an Olympic revenge. Today I made a good flow myself from the first half and got on the wave. I think I was able to play the best match so far." Satisfiedly said.

After that, after finishing the battle this season, "It was a season when I was confident that I could win the Olympics. I jumped in and took the first step in my life, so I would like to gain more momentum with next year's world championship as the second step. I was talking.