(Shaanxi National Games) General news: Weightlifting reproduces the competition beyond the Olympic level. The Macau delegation won the first medal at the National Games

  China News Service, Xi'an, September 18 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The 18th National Games are still very exciting: women's weightlifting reproduced the competition beyond the Olympic level, and the shooting competition ended with 3 high-level events.

In the karate arena, the Macau delegation ushered in its first medal since participating in the National Games.

  When Hunan teenager Liu Rui as a dark horse on the top podium of the women's 25-meter sports pistol, the 19 gold medals in the shooting event of this National Games were divided up.

  The event gathered Tokyo Olympic champion Jiang Ranxin, Rio Olympic champion Zhang Mengxue and London and Beijing double Olympic champion Guo Wenjun.

But unexpectedly, the three major Olympic champions all stopped the qualifying rounds. The final winners were Liu Rui from Hunan, Yao Qianxun from Anhui, and Zhang Jingjing from Fujian. Among them, Liu Rui's performance exceeded the world record.

  In the first women’s 10m air rifle team competition, the Zhejiang team, led by the Tokyo Olympic first gold winner Yang Qian and the National Games women’s 10m air rifle new champion Wang Zhilin, defeated the Liaoning team and won the championship. "Post-00" Yang Qian also won her second gold medal in this National Games.

  Zhang Changhong, also a "post-00" Olympic champion, defended the honor of the Olympic champion by a thrilling victory over the host star Liu Yukun with a slight advantage of 0.1 ring in the men's 50m rifle three-position final.

  So far, the shooting competition of the current National Games has come to a successful conclusion.

Compared with the previous National Games, which became the "Olympic Champion Waterloo", although there were some upsets in this shooting field, several Tokyo Olympic champions were still the biggest winners, except for the 10-meter air pistol mixed team Olympic champion Jiang Ranxin who only won one. In addition to the silver medals, the other players received gold medals, including Yang Haoran 2 golds and 1 silver, Yang Qian and Zhang Changhong 2 golds and 1 bronze, and Pang Wei won 1 gold medal.

  The women's weightlifting arena once again staged a race beyond the Olympic level.

In the 76kg class, Rio Olympic 69kg champion Xiang Yanmei won the championship with a total score of 275kg and the world record for super clean and jerk with 157kg. The 20-year-old Guangdong teenager Peng Cuiting, who won the bronze medal, also surpassed the world record in snatch of 125kg.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team did not participate in the women's weightlifting 76 kg class. The Ecuadorian athlete's championship score of 263 kg was the same as that of the third place in the National Games, Peng Cuiting. They lost to Xiang Yanmei and silver medalist Liao Guifang (total score of 264 kg). ).

  In the 87 kg final, Tokyo Olympic champion Wang Zhouyu won the gold medal with 273 kg.

Under the strong resistance of the 2018 World Championship champion Ao Hui and Guangxi star Liang Xiaomei, Wang Zhouyu's final victory exceeded the Tokyo Olympics by 3 kilograms. Ao Hui and Liang Xiaomei won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

  In the karate arena, Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Yin Xiaoyan won the women's 61 kg championship as expected.

In the men's individual event, Guangdong player Mu Shike won gold, host player Zheng Ganqi won silver, Macau star Guo Jianheng and Hong Kong player Liu Mingming both won bronze medals. This is also the first medal won by the Macau delegation since participating in the National Games. .

  The Judo arena produced 4 gold medals.

In the two women's major finals where the Chinese team once had an advantage, the two athletes who went to the Tokyo Olympics won medals. Among them, Ma Zhenzhao won the women's 78 kg championship, and Xu Shiyan, fourth in the Tokyo Olympics, lost to Liaoning's Su Xin and won the women's 78. Silver medal for kilograms and above.

  The rowing competition also decided 4 gold medals. The three "Olympic United Teams" who went to the Tokyo Olympics won without any suspense the three gold medals for the men's and women's quadruple sculls and the women's quadruple single oars. The men's quadruple single oars champion belonged to Guangdong. team.

  In the women’s quadruple sculls at the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team composed of Cui Xiaotong, Lu Yang, Zhang Ling and Chen Yunxia won the world best time of 6:05.13. This is also the Chinese rowing team’s victory after the Beijing Olympics. The first Olympic gold medal.

  In the big ball arena, two gold medals in the youth group were decided.

In the men's football finals of the under-20s group, the "Millennium Second" Zhejiang team, who won the silver medal in the three consecutive National Games, defeated the Xinjiang team 2:1, won the first National Games gold medal and won the runner-up Xinjiang team. The best result in team history.

  In the women's volleyball final of the under-19 group, the Jiangsu team defeated the defending champion Tianjin team 3:1 to win the gold medal.

  In the adult competition, the Chinese women participating in the "Olympic United Team" were enough to defeat the Jiangsu team 2:1 and advance to the semi-finals.

  Although they won both games, the national team with a complete lineup still feels stretched when facing local teams. The host Shaanxi in the first match only won a small goal. In this game, they lost another goal, which made the fans have to I miss the sonorous Rose who won both the World Cup and the Olympic Games runner-up.