The anniversary edition of the Eschborn-Frankfurt cycling race has been a long time coming for almost two and a half years.

In a corona-related slimmed-down version, they are now cycling again this Sunday (start at 1:15 p.m., live on hr television) - the professionals and hobby riders on the Taunus loop, young riders on a Frankfurt inner-city circuit.

Instead of the traditional May 1st now in mid-September.

What the line-up of the elite race missed a good boost in attractiveness in the eyes of many top drivers.

Because the 60th edition of the former Henninger race is due to the postponement in the cycling calendar exactly one week before the world championship.

Which gives the organizers a field of drivers of well-known quality that has not been seen for a long time.

Lots of quick men

Not only the German crème de la crème with defending champion Pascal Ackermann, tour stage winner Nils Politt, old master André Greipel and the Oberursel local hero John Degenkolb is at the start.

The 13 WorldTour teams - more than ever before - are also sending some of their international aces, which will undergo a final stress test in the Taunus before the World Cup.

For Degenkolb, winner of the 50th edition of Eschborn-Frankfurt ten years ago, there is more to be found on the doorstep.

“I have the winner's trophy from the 50th anniversary at home.

That's why the incentive is all the greater to be at the forefront of the 60th edition, ”says the thirty-two year old.

The question will be whether it will come down to a sprint decision in front of the Alte Oper again.

With Ackermann, Groenewegen, Philipsen, Kristoff, Matthews and also Degenkolb, there are plenty of fast men in the peloton.

On the other hand, says the sports director of Eschborn-Frankfurt, Fabian Wegmann, "there are also many classic experts who will be interested in making the race difficult."