Shogo Akiyama of the Major League Baseball Reds participated in the Pirates match on the 16th, deciding the sending bunt that will lead to the final point, and demonstrated his characteristics.

Akiyama started in the 8th center in the Pirates match in Pittsburgh, the home of his opponent, and hit a double to the left middle in the first at bat twice.

The second at-bat was a missed strikeout, but the third at-bat in the 7th inning, which was greeted 0-0, made a good feed bunt in the scene of no-out first base and second base, which led to the opening goal by the subsequent sacrifice fly.

After this, Akiyama retired without being defensive, and had one hit in two at bats in this game.

In the match, the Reds continued to win 1-0 and stopped the losing streak with 4.

On the other hand, Pirates Yoshitomo Tsutsugo started in this game with No. 2 Light, the first at bat was a strikeout, the second at bat was a walk, the third at bat was a center fly, and the fourth at bat was a light fly. It was a no-hitter with 3 at bats.