“When I'm sad once,” Heinz Erhardt sang, “I have a grain of grain.” That is unhealthy.

Therefore the following suggestion for this weekend: Just click on fifa.com.

Much healthier and just as fun.

Since Thursday, for example, the results of a survey commissioned by the International Football Association (FIFA) can be read there.

Headline: "Majority of fans want more frequent world championships".

The headline is underlaid with the picture of clapping Icelanders, keyword: “Whoa!” Just next to it is also over.

The more appropriate keyword is "Huh?" Not because of the Icelanders.

But because the survey showed that 45 percent of the participants in total and a majority in each of the five designated age groups think which World Cup cycle is most suitable?

Correct: one tournament every four years.

Not even one in three thinks the idea of ​​a tournament every two years is the best option, a tournament every year or every three years - surprise!

- even less popular.

Gianni Infantino's FIFA carves out of it the interpretation that there is not enough football World Cup yet.

So back to Heinz Erhardt.

Crazy idea.