According to information to SVT Sport, there have been suspicious odds movements in connection with several matches where the Division 2 club in question has been involved.

A specific large loss is stated to be particularly suspicious.

These odds deviations mean that a couple of different betting companies will not offer bets on the club's matches in the future.

"After receiving reports, we will not offer any betting on xxx", Unibet writes in a statement to SVT Sport.

Cannot be traced to natural causes

- As our game monitoring on a couple of occasions noted odds deviations linked to the team's matches which after analysis could not be attributed to natural causes, we have in accordance with our precautionary principle chosen to exclude the team from our player offer until further notice, says Svenska spel's product manager Dan Korhonen and continues:

- I want to clarify that we do not suspect the team itself in any way as there may be a number of different factors that are behind the deviations that are noted from the gaming market.

"Heard rumors about our matches"

The team's coaches did not know that the companies had stopped games in their matches.

- It sounds strange in my ears.

I understand that the result itself (the big loss) is strange and that you react to it, but I do not have many other comments, he says.

The coach still welcomes the fact that it is taken seriously.

- It is clear that it will be investigated.

It's something I'm strongly against, that you should do such things as well.

Such things must absolutely be lifted.

Will you act in any way?

- No, so we have talked about it before the season.

We have done what the association has said we should do, that we talk to players about how it should go if you are contacted and all such things.

That's how we work with these things.

We have heard rumors that things have happened around our matches before, but it has never happened that something has been said to us.

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Match fixing: This is how it can go