[The 14th National Games] What should I do if I get sick when visiting the medical station in the "Media Village" of the National Games?

  [Explanation] The 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi Province from September 15th to 27th.

In the "Media Village" of the West Security Movement, there are thousands of media reporters from all over the country living in them. What should we do if we are unwell?

What is the experience of seeing a doctor here?

Next, follow the reporter's lens to take a look.

  The medical station is located at the entrance of the "Media Village" and is very conspicuous.

The staff of the medical station told reporters that the intensive National Games competitions, fast pace of work and long hours put a lot of pressure on the bodies of media reporters. Stomach pain is the most common occupational disease.

In addition, the recent climate change has caused many people to experience symptoms such as heatstroke and inflammation.

In order to protect everyone's health, the medical station is equipped with a variety of facilities and is open 24 hours a day.

  [Concurrent] Jin Hangjun, a staff member of the "Media Village" medical station

  We are from the Ninth Hospital of Xi'an. 34 people came, including 10 doctors, 16 nurses, and 8 medical technicians.

Set up with internal medicine, surgery and the laboratory, pharmacy, and a fever observation room.

At the same time, we have a complete set of equipment, including this defibrillator, as well as this ventilator, electrocardiogram, and monitor. Various equipment is equipped with a complete set, as well as inspection equipment.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that the medical station is open to media reporters free of charge. You only need to provide a work permit and register your personal information when you see a doctor, and you can enter the relevant department for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

According to doctors, starting from entering the medical station at the end of August, 20 to 50 patients will be treated every day.

Many patients inadvertently bruised or fell during the shooting.

For patients with limited mobility, medical stations will also provide on-site treatment.

  [Concurrent] Li Jie, a doctor at the medical station of the "Media Village"

  A large number of interviews with many reporters, there are some physical discomforts.

They usually go out during the day, and then they may eat or drink during the day, or they may be restricted in all aspects.

When I come back in the evening, I usually work until three or four in the early morning.

Then they had to assemble again at 7 o'clock in the morning, and then set off to continue to do some service work for our event.

So they add their usual, daily life is actually very hard, many people themselves have some basic occupational diseases.

Then, we mainly deal with the various problems they have and give some treatment.

  [Explanation] The National Games officially opened, and the event has entered the final sprint stage. Every day, a large number of news works such as text, pictures, videos, etc. are sent out through the hands of media reporters.

I hope that under the guardianship of these "white angels", media reporters can bring more exciting reports to the audience.

  Reporter Dang Tian Ye Mei Yi Taki reports from Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]