Hoshoryu, the grand sumo wrestler, was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis, so he was closed from the 16th, the 5th day of the fall.

Hoshoryu was examined at the Sumo Clinic in Tokyo's Kokugikan on the 16th, and was diagnosed as needing home medical treatment due to acute tonsillitis, and was closed from the 16th on the 5th day.

It is customary to notify the Makuuchi wrestlers of the holidays before deciding on the next day's efforts, but since Hoshoryu made it after the next day's efforts were decided, the Japan Sumo Association once announced the 17th and 6th days. We have taken a "rebate" response to reorganize our efforts.

As a result, Takarafuji, who was scheduled to play against Hoshoryu on the 17th, will play against Okinoumi Ayumi.

Hoshoryu won the skill award with 10 wins in the previous place, and now the place, which was the first in the forefront of his own highest rank, has achieved a record of 1 win and 3 losses so far.

Hoshoryu will be closed for the first time since the first bale of the first place in 2018.