Europa League means in Eintracht Frankfurt's business operations: give full throttle.

The Frankfurters have often shown that they can "shift up a gear" in the European Cup, says Oliver Glasner.

The Eintracht coach, however, will be slowed down by the UEFA Disciplinary Commission this Thursday when the Hessians meet Fenerbahce Istanbul from 9 p.m. in the World Cup arena at the start of the Europa League (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Europa League and on TVNOW ) - and that of all things at the international premiere of Glasner as head coach in Frankfurt.

Jörg Daniels

Editor in the sports department

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Because the 47-year-old Austrian had called his team back to the field three times too late after the half-time break in the Wolfsburg era, he was banned from one game.

Glasner will therefore serve his sentence in a box in the stadium and will only be allowed to visit his team a quarter of an hour after the end of the game.

He will be represented by his two assistant coaches Michael Angerschmid and Ronald Brunmayr.

“I'm curious to see how I fare.

I've never had the situation and I also hope to never have it again, ”said Glasner on Wednesday.

He let it be known that he would have liked the Wolfsburg to appeal against the UEFA decision at the time.

So he now has to “pay for it” with his new employer.

Of course I'm not happy about that. ”The coach, who is allowed to drive the team into the World Cup arena before they part ways, thinks it's a shame that he is only allowed to follow the“ absolute highlight ”against Fenerbahce in an unfamiliar role .

"I'll see myself right there"

But he doesn't feel excluded, "I'll see myself right there," said Glasner.

He emphasized that he had “complete confidence” in his two assistant coaches.

“I hand over the scepter with a clear conscience.” From Kevin Trapp's point of view, “not much will change anyway.

Because the match plan is before the game.

I definitely don't see that as a problem, ”said the goalkeeper.

For his superior Glasner, the Istanbulers, in whose ranks the former German international Mesut Özil is, are a “ripped off troop” who are “very, very experienced” and are used to “having a lot of possession”.

"You won't let yourself be nervous," said Glasner.

The Turks had won their first five competitive games at home before they parted 1-1 with Sivaspor in the previous round in the "Süper Lig".

In this encounter, Özil was used for 59 minutes.

Özil, who Trapp knows from the national team, is “a very pleasant and calm guy who doesn't really talk a lot.

He's a football star who has achieved a lot. ”The goalkeeper does not assume that Özil has“ lost much of his quality ”.

Trapp's team-mate Djibril Sow pointed out this week that the average age of Istanbul is 29, "they have a lot of good players" who have played in good leagues in Europe, said the Swiss international.

"He's a classic six"

Nevertheless, Sow believes he knows a weakness of the Turks, who besides Besiktas and Galatasaray are the only club that has never been relegated from the top division: "They don't like the intensity that occurs in the Bundesliga." Özil, whose teammates include the former Bayern professional Luiz Gustavo, feel when he meets defensive Frankfurt midfielder Sow on the pitch. "We have to use our dynamism to impose a game speed and rhythm on Fenerbahce that they are not exposed to every week," said Glasner, who hopes that the Istanbulers will make one or two "mistakes".

At the side of Sow could be newcomer Kristijan Jakic, who with his aggressive pace perfectly embodies the type of persistent pioneer. "He's a classic six, very tackle-heavy," says Sow about his new teammate from Croatia. “It is important for me if someone has my back free.” The interaction with Ajdin Hrustic “worked well”, said the Swiss. “Ajdin's range of motion is much greater, however. I have to be more careful with that than with a clear six. ”The Australian international Hrustic is more offensively oriented in the six position.

After the internal quarrels about Filip Kostic and Amin Younes, the Frankfurters, where left-back Christopher Lenz are currently plagued by muscular problems, have to concentrate on the essentials again. For the new players it is “not ideal when there is unrest. For us, who are there longer, it is not the problem because we know that things can get a little restless in Frankfurt. "

That is why it is now the task of the leading players to “guide the new ones,” said Sow. Glasner did not want to reveal the Frankfurt line-up against Fenerbahce on Wednesday. For him, the encounter with the “yellow canaries” from Istanbul is “a gift for the club, the fans and the whole region”. He would have loved to have enjoyed the present to the full in the coaching bench. The players have to press the accelerator pedal in the best Frankfurt Europa League manner without his direct guidance from the outside.