Director Kosei Inoue, the Japanese representative of judo who will retire after his term expires this month, will be appointed as the vice chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation's strengthening committee and the chairman of a new committee to promote judo. became.

Inoue, the Japanese national judo team, led to winning medals for all men's classes at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and five gold medals, the highest number for men in history at the Tokyo Games, but his term will expire this month.

The All Japan Judo Federation held a board meeting on the 16th, and decided that Director Inoue will be appointed as the vice chairman of the strengthening committee in charge of strengthening boys from October.

In addition, All Japan Judo Federation has newly established the "Branding Promotion Strategy Special Committee" to promote the appeal of judo from the sense of crisis that the competition population is declining, and Director Inoue has been appointed as the chairman.

Chairman Inoue commented, "In a modern society where choices and values ​​are diversifying, I would like to aim to contribute to society while listening to various opinions about what role judo can play and provide value." I am.

All Japan Judo Federation will decide on the supervision of the Japanese national team for both men and women at the board meeting on the 28th of this month after considering mainly the strengthening committee.