Today, your physical education class is squeezed out

  Reporter investigates the development of physical education in primary and secondary schools

  ● Generally speaking, physical education courses have been paid more and more attention in recent years, and some schools have opened a variety of courses.

At the same time, physical education classes are squeezed out and the content is rigid. Many teachers, students and parents have responded to this.

Due to concerns about family-school disputes, many physical education teachers tend to be conservative in their courses and are afraid to try new teaching projects

  ● From the current point of view, there are many policies and documents related to physical education in primary and secondary schools, but the relevant laws and regulations are seriously inadequate, and a relatively standardized and complete sports legal system has not been formed. The system is insufficient, and sports laws need to be further improved. system

  ● To carry out physical education in primary and secondary schools requires schools and teachers to earnestly implement relevant policies, and society needs to change the concept of labeling students with scores. Parents also need to provide adequate support, guide and encourage young people to participate in sports, and focus on improving physical fitness

  □ Trainee reporter Sun Tianjiao Zhang Shoukun

  □ Our reporter Chen Lei

  Remember such a short video-the physical education teacher was "forced to be ill" by the cultural teacher, halfway back and decided to stubbornly retake the physical education class with "this year's milk tea".

Suddenly, the students cheered.

The short video quickly became popular on the Internet. In the message area, many netizens felt the same, saying that their physical education teachers were often "sick".

  Regardless of whether the video is true or false, the occupancy of physical education classes and rigid content are real problems.

In a recent survey conducted by a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily, many parents of teachers and students also responded to the above-mentioned problems.

  To this end, the Ministry of Education and other five departments have recently jointly issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Hygiene and Health Education in the New Era", requesting to increase physical exercise time, in accordance with the requirements of the church, diligent exercises, and regular competitions. And health classes, strengthen school physical education and training, and improve the sports competition and talent training system.

  In an interview with reporters, many industry experts suggested that under the framework of the Sports Law, make up for the shortcomings of the school sports system, carry out physical education in primary and secondary schools in accordance with the law, improve the physical education evaluation system, form a scientific concept of success, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and guide and encourage students to participate. Sports, pay attention to the individualized training of students, and promote the all-round development of students.

  Physical education courses are getting more and more important

  In line with the healthy China strategy

  "I hope you can run hard like athletes, study hard, and realize your dreams." In this year's "School First Lesson" video, Olympic athletes such as Su Bingtian, a sprinter who achieved good results in the Tokyo Olympics, started to school. The students sent their blessings.

  The reporter recently interviewed many primary and secondary schools in Tianjin, Shanxi, Yunnan and other places and learned that, overall, physical education courses have been paid more and more attention in recent years, and some schools have opened a variety of courses, which are well received by teachers and students.

  On the morning of September 9th, the reporter came to Wutong Primary School in Hexi District, Tianjin. In the bright gymnasium, students in Class 6 of Grade 4 were taking physical education.

The classmates practiced throwing solid balls in groups. Some people were annoyed by the unsatisfactory throwing results. A few boys at the end of the team were showing off their "muscles" playfully.

  The 40 minutes of class time passed quickly, and the students were still unfulfilled.

While wiping the sweat from her forehead, Zhang Shuyuan told reporters that her favorite class is physical education. Not only can she relax and play, but she can also exercise.

  The Tokyo Olympics, which ended not long ago, made Zhang Shuyuan's memory still fresh: "I like watching swimming competitions the most. The outstanding performance of the Olympic athletes makes me even more yearning for sports."

  "Our school adds sports, art and other content to the after-school services every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. In addition, there are large breaks in the morning and afternoon every day, which basically guarantees students at least one hour of physical exercise time per day. "Wang Lei, vice principal of Wutong Primary School, told reporters that Wutong Primary School has always attached importance to physical education. In order to increase students' interest in sports, it has also added special sports activities such as rocket voting, frog crossing the river, and cave drilling.

  Tao Zifu, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Hexi District, said that over the years, whether it is the popularization of mass sports for all people or the training of professional sports talents, Hexi District has achieved remarkable results, and has cultivated many national and world-class sports talents.

And all of this is based on the basic physical education work of the school.

  "Hexi District vigorously practices the integration of sports and education. Like football, we have more than 20 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens that have become characteristic schools for campus football across the country. Tianjin is also building a volleyball city and building 16 pilot volleyball special schools." Tao Zifu said.

  Teacher Yang works as a physical education teacher in the elementary school of a public school in Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. He currently teaches physical education in 5 classes in the third grade.

  Teacher Yang told reporters that according to the national standard class time (40 minutes), he will have a total of 20 class hours a week, of which the most full schedule is Monday, with 6 classes.

In addition, he is also responsible for the training of the school basketball team of the elementary school, usually on Tuesday and Friday afternoon, and the training time is one and a half hours to two hours.

  Over the years, Mr. Yang has clearly felt that the school is paying more and more attention to physical education: “Our school cooperated with a football club in Kunming last semester to carry out football training in the school. At the same time, the school invited professional tennis players or semi-professional players to take charge of youth training. For tennis training, fencing has been introduced. In addition, our sports teaching and research group also has professional teachers in martial arts, boxing, and pull-up exercises, all of which have opened corresponding interest classes."

  The school physical education curriculum is in full swing, and students’ feedback on participating in physical exercise has become more and more positive.

Teacher Yang shared a short story with reporters in a proud tone: "Once, when a boy in our class celebrated his birthday and asked him to make a wish, he said that he wanted to be a physical education teacher like me in the future, which touched me badly. "

  Gao Songjiang, deputy director of the Sports Business Research Committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association, said that physical education is an important part of quality education, which not only enables students to master basic sports skills, develop a good habit of persisting in physical exercise, but also cultivate students' sense of competition. , Cooperative spirit and strong will.

  Yao Jinju, a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University and the executive director of the Beijing Educational Law Research Base, believes that the school’s emphasis on physical education is in line with the government’s current policies in the field of education, such as "after-school services" and "double reductions". The basic law of education for the all-round development of the United States, the United States and labor is more in line with the Healthy China strategy and is a special action in the Healthy China Action.

  Educational model still has problems

  Necessity consensus is not formed

  Physical education courses are getting more and more attention, but some general problems still exist.

  Hou Lai (pseudonym), a third-year student in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, is 15 years old this year.

On his way to complete the task, the biggest difficulty is the high school entrance examination sports.

  It is understood that the total score of sports in Yuncheng's senior high school entrance examination is 50 points, divided into 3 items, namely 15 points for rope skipping, 15 points for standing long jump, and 20 points for running.

Now that Hou Lai can reach full marks in skipping rope, there is a big gap between the other two events, especially the standing long jump. He can only jump to 1.8 meters, and the conversion factor is only 6 points, which leads to his total sports score. Around 33 points.

  The poor physical performance has made Hou Lai, who has always been among the best in the cultural class, quite frustrated: "I am particularly worried now that a poor physical examination will affect my overall grades in the high school entrance examination." In his view, poor physical performance and elementary school Schools do not pay much attention to physical education: "At that time, physical education was just playing, and the foundation was not laid."

  Hou Lai’s mother is a math teacher in a local elementary school. She told reporters that in reality, the physical education classes of some local township elementary schools are often squeezed out, and the teaching staff and sports facilities are also very limited.

  Teacher Yang from Tianjin said that from elementary school to junior high school to high school, the physical education experienced by children is a process from loose to tight to loose. The basic physical education of elementary school is not well laid, and the high school entrance examination requires a higher level of physical education. In high school, physical education has become dispensable again, leading to a certain degree of discontinuity in physical education.

  Yao Jinju once surveyed some teachers in Beijing, Hebei and Yunnan to understand the relevant situation.

She told reporters that the current problems in physical education in primary and secondary schools are mainly the inability to guarantee the amount of physical education hours and the unsatisfactory effect of physical education.

  Yao Jinju further analyzed that the number of specialized physical education teachers is insufficient to provide professional physical education; the interest training is insufficient, and some schools only mechanically practice examination items in physical education classes, which cannot make students feel happy in physical exercise, and turn into Another form of exam-oriented education.

In addition, students will inevitably encounter accidents such as bruises, bruises, and falls during exercise. Due to concerns about family-school disputes, many physical education teachers tend to be conservative in their courses and dare not try new teaching projects.

  On September 1st, at the 2021 Education Golden Autumn Series Conference, the relevant person in charge of the Education Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Education introduced the state of the "double reduction" and "five management" supervision in the country, and revealed that 22% of primary and secondary school students reported that sports and health The number of opening hours of the course is not up to standard.

The problem of occupancy of physical education classes is prominent. The problem of occupancy of physical education classes for graduating classes such as the third and third grades is particularly serious.

  In Yao Jinju's view, the root cause of the problem is that the consensus on the necessity of physical education has not yet been formed, which has led to the failure to implement the school sports regulations in the Sports Law.

Some schools, parents, and students have not yet realized the importance of physical education for the overall development of individuals and the improvement of overall quality. The design and arrangement of all teaching activities are carried out around exam-taking and enrollment. In addition, factors such as inadequate system guarantees have affected physical education. Unfold.

  Improve the sports legal system

  Guarantee physical education in accordance with the law

  In order to improve physical education, the state has continuously strengthened the top-level design.

  In October 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Overall Plan for Educational Evaluation Reform in the New Era", which requires further clarification of the goals and implementation paths of school sports evaluation reforms.

On the one hand, we will promote the reform of the physical education of the middle and college entrance examinations, and on the other hand, we will build a three-dimensional evaluation system.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Education has successively issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Education on Promoting the Reform of School Sports and Aesthetic Education", "The Guiding Outline for Teaching Reform of "Sports and Health" (for Trial Implementation)" and other documents. "Curriculum", "guarantee time for sports activities", "improve the quality of physical education" and other initiatives.

  According to official data from the Ministry of Education, my country has established more than 43,000 schools with special characteristics for youth campus football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and ice and snow sports across the country.

  In Yao Jinju’s view, these measures help to implement the proper position of physical education in the education and teaching activities of primary and secondary schools, avoid various physical and mental illnesses or hidden dangers caused by examination-oriented education to primary and secondary school students, and eliminate various types of education in the field of education. Short-sighted behaviors also give adolescents a happy childhood and healthy physique.

  "The construction of the rule of law can play an important and active role in physical education in primary and secondary schools." Yao Jinju pointed out that the construction of the rule of law in physical education in primary and secondary schools involves multiple levels. The meso and micro issues of education, such as non-reduction of school hours and quality assurance of physical education in primary and middle schools, need to be protected by the construction of the rule of law.

  She also reminded that from the current point of view, there are many policies and documents related to physical education in primary and secondary schools, but the supply of related laws and regulations is seriously insufficient.

Although there are already some provisions in the Sports Law, the specific implementation rules are insufficient, and there is no legal liability for school violations of the Sports Law, and a relatively standardized and complete sports legal system has not yet been formed.

  "At present, in the case of limited legislative resources, local regulations or departmental rules can be used to make up for the lack of specific rules. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the existing policies and useful experience to further advance and make them different A hierarchical standard system solves practical problems." Yao Jinju said.

  Gao Songjiang believes that to carry out physical education in primary and secondary schools requires schools and teachers to earnestly implement the policies and documents of the Central Government and the Ministry of Education. It also requires society to form a scientific concept of success, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, change the concept of labeling students with scores, and parents also need to give them. Adequate support, guide and encourage young people to participate in sports, pay attention to the improvement of physical fitness.

  Gao Songjiang suggested that the next step is to improve the sports law and structure the school sports legal system, establish and improve the supervision and inspection mechanism of school sports, and impose corresponding penalties for violations of relevant regulations and failure to carry out physical education.

  Respondents generally believe that the development of physical education in primary and secondary schools not only involves physical education itself, but also pays attention to strengthening parent education and guidance, and carrying out family education, so that families can reach a consensus on the education policy of "five education", especially physical education for primary and middle school students. The importance of physical fitness and mental health.

  Tao Zifu took the future physical education plan of Hexi District as an example, and suggested that the future physical education should be both popular and competitive.

Popularity is to generally improve the physical quality of students, make full use of sports resources around the school, such as universities, community sports venues, etc., so that students' physical health protection from the top-level design is truly implemented on the practical level.

On this basis, gradually set up normal sports events on campus to cultivate national-level athletes, high-level athletes and sports talents.

  "We must especially emphasize diversity in curriculum construction." Tao Zifu believes that "participation in the project should not be compulsory, but on the basis of students' interests, hobbies and specialties, targeted physical education should be carried out. Through a variety of Means, the integration of the'five education', while carrying out physical education, achieves the effect of educating people."

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