Good evening and welcome to this live blog!

My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about the performance of Vitesse, AZ and PSV in the Conference League and Europa League.

  • LIVE:

  • Randers FC-AZ 


  • PSV Real Sociedad 


  • Result:

  • NS Mura Vitesse 0-2

PSV-Real Sociedad · in 3 days



in 3 days

Randers FC-AZ in 3 days

27' GOAL Randers FC!


Less than two minutes after Jordy Clasie's opening goal, it is already equal in Denmark.

AZ clumsily concedes a goal from Randers FC.

Alhaji Kamara already puts the ball on the head of Simon Piesinger, who leaves AZ goalkeeper Peter Vindahl Jensen without a chance.

AZ can start again.

Randers FC-AZ in 3 days

25' GOAL AZ!


AZ takes the lead in Denmark more than deserved.

Jordy Clasie hits the ball hard from the edge of the penalty area after good preparatory work by Albert Gudmundsson, who lays out the toy for the routine with the outside of his right foot.

AZ has a dream start in Denmark.

PSV-Real Sociedad · in 3 days

24 'PSV is getting stronger and stronger in Eindhoven and Real Sociedad is no longer involved at all.

Noni Madueke curls the ball just wide of the Spaniards' goal.

Randers FC-AZ in 3 days

In Denmark, AZ has been close to a lead several times.

Shots by Vangelis Pavlidis, Jesper Karlsson and Albert Gudmundsson have so far not hit Randers FC, which can only make it difficult for AZ via free kicks and corner kicks.

PSV-Real Sociead · in 3 days

12 'Armando Obispo makes a horrific mistake with a wrong back pass and launches former Willem II attacker Alexander Isak.

It is thanks to a tackle by the indestructible André Ramalho that it is still 0-0 in Eindhoven.

How invaluable the defender is for PSV.

in 3 days

PSV-Real Sociead · in 3 days

PSV comes to life in the Philips Stadium after a hesitant start.

Real Sociedad has its back against the wall.

PSV-Real Sociead · in 3 days

8 'Out of nowhere PSV comes out dangerous.

After a quick takeover, the ball lands at the feet of Eran Zahavi, who immediately tries his luck from a distance.

Real Sociedad goalkeeper Alex Remiro, who has to stretch to keep his goal clean.

PSV-Real Sociead · in 3 days

5 'Real Sociedad is not planning to dig in against PSV in the Philips Stadium.

In the opening phase of the game, the Spaniards take the lead against the home team, which is not yet in the game.

Football · in 3 days

Kick off! 

The ball rolls on the European fields for the Dutch clubs.

These duels are on the way:

  • PSV Real Sociedad

  • Randers FC-AZ

PSV-Real Sociedad · in 3 days

PSV is warming up for the first group match in the Europa League, at home against Real Sociedad.

Can playmaker Mario Götze take his team by the hand?

in 3 days

PSV-Real Sociedad · in 3 days

Schmidt: 'It will be a tough game'

Trainer Roger Schmidt expects PSV to have a tough time with Real Sociedad.

"We don't have to destroy them, we only have to beat them. It will be a tough game. It is a strong opponent. We have to be well organized. We want to start the game with a lot of energy. We are going for 90 percent of our our own strength and adapt us ten percent."

Randers FC-AZ in 3 days

Peter Vindahl Jensen warms up at Randers FC before AZ's match in the Conference League.

The Danish keeper played his life in Denmark before AZ took him over from FC Nordsjaelland last summer for almost 2 million euros.

Football · in 3 days

The look in this live blog now turns to the two other Dutch clubs that will be in action in the late evening: PSV and AZ.

PSV in particular will have a top match in their own Philips Stadium.

Real Sociedad, the number four of La Liga, is visiting Eindhoven.

AZ is waiting for an away game against the Danish Randers FC.

NS Mora-Vitesse · in 3 days

This is the state of affairs in Vitesse's group after the first round:

  • Speed ​​1-


  • Stade Rennes 1


  • Tottenham Hotspur 1


  • NS Mora 1-


  • Football · in 3 days

    More good news for Vitesse.

    Group mates Stade Rennes and Tottenham Hotspur get no further than a 2-2 draw in France.

    After an early retirement from Steven Bergwijn, Stade Rennes took the lead twice, but Tottenham kept clearing the gap.

    in 3 days

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Vitesse is off to an excellent start in Conference League

    Vitesse is off to an excellent start in the Conference League.

    The team of trainer Thomas Letsch wins 0-2 to the Slovenian NS Mura.

    The team from Arnhem already lead 0-1 at halftime thanks to a goal from Sondre Tronstad, after which Danilo Doekhi decides the game in Dutch advantage after the interruption.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Danilo Doekhi lets out a primal cry after giving Vitesse a comfortable 0-2 lead against the puny NS Mura.

    Vitesse is going to have an excellent start to its stay in the Conference League.

    Football · in 3 days

    Less than three minutes after the 2-1 of Stade Rennes, it is already equal in France.

    Substitute Pierre-Emile Højbjerg scores the equalizer after a blunder in the French defense.

    It could be an excellent evening for group mate Vitesse.

    Football · in 3 days

    Bad news for Vitesse from France: Stade Rennes surprisingly takes the lead against Tottenham Hotspur.

    Gaëtan Laborde shoves the ball in for the 2-1.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    69' GOAL Vitesse!


    Vitesse has the victory in the bag in Slovenia.

    The finely-muscled Maximilian Wittek puts the ball on the head of captain Danilho Doekhi from a corner kick, who lets the net ball through the hand of the NS Mura goalkeeper.

    What a luxury for Vitesse in Maribor.

    in 3 days

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    65 'Trainer Thomas Letsch is taking a different tack in Slovenia now that NS Mura is getting stronger.

    He makes a triple substitution with his team: Oussama Darfalou, Loïs Openda and Daan Huisman come in for Oussama Tannane, Nikolai Frederiksen and Yann Gboho.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    64 'There NS Mura suddenly appears dangerously in front of the goal of Vitesse keeper Markus Schubert.

    A pass from Zan Karnicnik passes everything and everyone, to the relief of the Arnhem team.

    It could have been 1-1 here.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Thomas Letsch is certainly not reassured that Vitesse will win in Slovenia.

    The German looks with a frown at the game of his team, which should have pulled the trigger in Maribor long ago.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    View the images of Sondre Tronstad's opening goal against NS Mura here.


    Tronstad gives Vitesse the lead in Slovenia (0-1)

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    57' Bar 

    for Vitesse! 

    It is not going well for Vitesse in Slovenia for the time being.

    Oussama Tannane takes a shot from about 20 meters and sees his icicle shatter on the crossbar.

    Vitesse fails to decide the match.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    47 'Immediately from the kick-off, Vitesse gets a dot of a chance at 0-2.

    Nikolai Frederiksen heads hard from a corner on the NS Mura goalkeeper, who has a lot of trouble with the attempt.

    The hot croquette is defused just in time by the home team.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Kick off! 

    The ball rolls again in Slovenia for the second half of NS Mura-Vitesse.

    Can the Arnhem team pull over the narrow lead?

    PSV-Real Sociedad · in 3 days

    PSV in well-known line-up against Sociedad

    PSV has had an excellent start to the season and so trainer Roger Schmidt sees no reason to change his line-up.

    That means Olivier Boscagli is in midfield and Armando Obispo has a place at the heart of the defence.

    Purchase Carlos Vinícius is sitting on the couch for the first time after obtaining a work permit.

    PSV line-up: 


    Mwene, Ramalho, Obispo, Max;

    Van Ginkel, Gotze, Boscagli;

    Madueke, Zahavi, Gakpo.

    Randers FC-AZ in 3 days

    AZ with familiar names against Randers FC

    For AZ, the adventure in the Conference League starts with an away match against the Danish Randers FC.

    Despite the 0-3 defeat against PSV, trainer Pascal Jansen sticks to his trusted eleven names.

    This means that goalkeeper Peter Vindahl Jensen is just under the bar despite his weak turn against PSV.


    up AZ: 

    Vindahl Jensen;

    Witry, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

    Midtsjø, De Wit, Clasie;

    Gudmundsson, Pavlidis, Karlsson.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Maribor, the place where NS Mura-Vitesse is played, may be located almost 1,200 kilometers from Arnhem, but that does not prevent these dozens of Vitesse fans from taking the car or plane to travel after their favorite club.

    The trip has been a great success so far.

    After half an hour they can cheer when Sondre Tronstad shoots the ball into the corner.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days


    Vitesse is going to visit the dressing room in Slovenia with a good feeling.

    Thanks to a goal from Sondre Tronstad, the Arnhem team lead 0-1 against NS Mura.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    43 'Vitesse looks like a bottle of ketchup: after one chance, one chance after another sprays from the bottle.

    After the attempts of Oussama Tannane and Nikolai Frederiksen, Riechedly Bazoer's shot almost goes in.

    The attempt with the outside to the right of the midfielder sails through a player from NS Mura right past the wrong side of the post.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    42 'Out of nowhere it is almost 0-2 for Vitesse.

    The goalkeeper of NS Mura has to stretch to turn Oussama Tannane's shot, after which Nikolai Frederiksen gets an imposed chance in the post.

    The Dane is just short of doubling the lead of the Arnhem visitors.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    40 'Sondre Tronstad's opening goal may well be a boost for Vitesse, but the Arnhem team have certainly not started playing better.

    The team of trainer Thomas Letsch comes to few opportunities in Slovenia.

    Football · in 3 days

    A setback for Steven Bergwijn in the away match against Stade Rennes.

    He gets a tap on his ankle and can't go any further.

    The seriousness of the injury is not entirely clear, but the failure is already a sign on the wall.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    30' GOAL Vitesse!


    Sondre Tronstad gives Vitesse the lead in Slovenia.

    The Norwegian first sees his attempt shatter on Matúš Bero's back, but in the second instance the midfielder hits the ball hard in the corner.

    The Arnhem team got off to an excellent start against NS Mura.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    In Vitesse's group, goals are scored again, but not in Slovenia.

    Stade Rennes tied the score against Tottenham Hotspur in the 23rd minute.

    Flavien Tait is the equalizer.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    23 'Suddenly NS Mura is dangerous.

    Jan Gorenc can head in completely free from an indirect free kick, but to his relief, Vitesse goalkeeper Markus Schubert sees the ball sail over the bar.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    18 'Left back Maximilian Wittek is the most dangerous man on the side of Vitesse for the time being.

    The German again breaks through the positions of NS Mura and hits rock hard with his velvet left leg, but the NS Mura goalkeeper is back at his post.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    Vitesse dominates in the opening phase in Slovenia, but has not yet managed to convert two chances into a goal.

    That seems to be a matter of time against the puny NS Mura, which does little in its own right.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    In the Vitesse group, Tottenham Hotspur takes an early lead against Stade Rennes.

    Lucas Moura sees his effort touched by a defender of Stade Rennes and so the goalkeeper of the French has no chance.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    6 'Vitesse is excellent from the starting blocks in Slovenia and gets another shooting opportunity.

    A pass from the right shoots through and ends up at the feet of Maximilian Wittek, the pulled-in left back.

    However, his attempt is a prey for the NS Mura goalkeeper.

    NS Mura-Vitesse · in 3 days

    5 'Vitesse is only just working on the away game against NS Mura or the Arnhem team get a dot of a chance on the opening goal.

    Oussama Tannane puts the ball ready on the head of Nikolai Frederiksen, but the Dane heads high over.

    There had been more residents.

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