After an absence of five years, VfL Wolfsburg returned to the Champions League on Tuesday with a 0-0 draw against Lille.

That led to satisfaction with trainer Mark van Bommel, who got into trouble with the Dutch arbitration a few times during the match.

"Champions League, away game, 35 minutes with ten men, one point", Van Bommel summed up the match between Lille and Wolfsburg succinctly at the press conference after the game.

The German team only scored two goals, compared to seventeen for the French and were therefore allowed to squeeze their hands with the draw.

"If you can't win yourself, you have to play 0-0. A point against the champion of France, you have to be satisfied there," said Van Bommel.

"We really have a team. You see: you don't win so easily from us."

The draw on character fits seamlessly into Van Bommel's first weeks as a trainer in the Bundesliga.

The former PSV coach is the leader with Wolfsburg, without the team bringing spectacle.

Mainly thanks to the defensive certainty, Wolfsburg is at the top.


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Van Bommel gets yellow from Makkelie

Shortly before time, Van Bommel received a yellow card from referee Danny Makkelie.

At the press conference, the trainer did not want to repeat what he had said to his compatriot.

"I reacted aggressively to a decision of the referee," said Van Bommel alone.

"That you get a yellow card can happen. It shouldn't happen too often, but it's part of it sometimes."

Makkelie played a leading role in the first group match.

On the advice of VAR Kevin Blom, the arbiter had to reject a Lille hit because the ball had crossed the sideline.

Deep into stoppage time, VAR had to intervene again when Makkelie gave a penalty to Lille for a foul just outside the penalty area.

"The referee has a difficult task and also for the linesman and fourth man it is sometimes difficult to see whether the ball has completely crossed the line", Van Bommel was mild to the arbitration.

"And sometimes it's almost invisible even for VAR."

"At the penalty, I immediately thought it was outside. When that turned out to be correct, I was of course very happy. I think you could have seen my reaction."

In two weeks, Wolfsburg will continue the Champions League with a home game against Sevilla.

In between, Van Bommel's team plays in the Bundesliga against Eintracht Frankfurt (Sunday, at home) and Hoffenheim (a week later, away).

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