More fear than harm.

A steward in charge of the surveillance of one of the two turns during the match between the Young Boys of Bern and Manchester United experienced a great fright, completely KO after a mine sent by Cristiano Ronaldo during the warm-up.

Ronaldo gifted his shirt to the security guard after the full-time whistle 👏

- FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) September 14, 2021

Stretched out on the ground for a few minutes, the person was entitled to a short visit from the Portuguese, who stepped over the railing to inquire about her news before giving her his jersey at the end of the match, despite the unpleasant scenario of the meeting (MU reduced to ten, and victory of the Swiss 2-1 at the finish).

Released after the hour mark, Ronaldo has nothing to be ashamed of: it was he who opened the scoring on one of Manchester United's two shots on target on Tuesday night.


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