• Lille was held in check Tuesday by Wolfsburg at the opening of the Champions League.

  • But the performance of the Northerners was reassuring after a complicated start to the season. 

If he did not arrive at a press conference spinning the napkins or singing the little foam man, Jocelyn Gourvennec seemed quite relaxed and smiling.

However, Losc, held in check by Wolfsburg (0-0), did not win their first Champions League group match.

But the performance of Lille players clearly reassured a disoriented coach after the non-match achieved Friday in Ligue 1 in Lorient (2-1).

“Considering what had happened in Lorient, I am satisfied with the content.

We got into European Cup mode.

We had to raise the cursor, raise the level technically, in terms of organization.

We had to have a dense, solid team, which we were because we did not concede anything to Wolfsburg.

We responded present, we did honor to the competition.

We have well represented the club, Losc and Ligue 1, ”said the northerner coach.

A fatal lack of efficiency

Tuesday against Wolfsburg, Losc clearly played their best game since the start of the season.

We even sometimes believed to find the DNA of Losc crowned champion of France last season “We needed to create something, to revive the machine which did not set out again as we wanted this season.

But we must do even better so that the post or the VAR tip over to our side, ”continues Gourvennec.

Because against the Bundesliga leader, he only lacked efficiency, the one that makes all the difference between a draw and a victory.

However, the Losc thought it would score and then even get a penalty at the last second.

But each time the VAR came to put its two cents for a story of centimeters.

“What we can be ashamed of is not having finished our actions well.

It can only be played a few centimeters away.

But we have shown that we are capable of conquering, of being together, that's what is important.

It's only a point, but we continue on our way, ”says Gourvennec.

It remains to be confirmed this regain of form as of this Saturday in Lens for a derby from the North which promises to be already boiling hot.


Losc-Wolfsburg: Lille misses the victory by a few centimeters


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