China News Service, Beijing, September 15th. At 20:00 on the evening of the 15th, the opening ceremony of the 14th National Games kicked off in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

The four-year China's highest-level comprehensive sports meet was officially launched, and at the opening ceremony, how the main torch was lit and other suspense will also be revealed.

Warm-up performance before the opening ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

  The current National Games will be held from September 15th to September 27th. The competition includes 35 major events and 410 minor events.

In addition, there are 19 major events and 185 minor events, specially set up for the general public.

  The current National Games has 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Locomotive Sports Association, Coal Mine Sports Association, Vanguard Sports Association, Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region delegations, as well as Beijing Sport University, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, Clubs and other participating units, as well as athletes participating in their personal capacity.

  It is reported that there are more than 20 National Games events in Xi'an. In addition, there are also events scattered in other parts of Shaanxi Province and outside the province.

For example, table tennis and wrestling competitions will be held in Yan'an, weightlifting competitions will be held in Weinan, and Hanzhong in the Qinba Mountains will undertake triathlon and taekwondo competitions.

  Some key events that have attracted much attention, such as diving, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, etc., have ended before the opening ceremony on the 15th, and more than 80 gold medals have been produced before the opening ceremony.

  At the National Games, there will be more than 50 Tokyo Olympics and previous Olympic gold medalists participating, which can be described as full of gold.

This will be the first official game after many players have returned from Tokyo to complete the isolation. These star players will also be a highlight of the opening ceremony of this National Games.

  According to media reports, after three rehearsals, the opening ceremony's cultural and sports performances will take "national roots, Yan'an soul, and Chinese dream" as the theme, welcoming guests from all over the world to Shaanxi.

At the opening ceremony, who will light the main torch is another important point.

  On July 17, at the foot of Baota Mountain in Yan'an City, Olympic champion Guo Wenjun and Paralympic champion Zhai Xiang, accompanied by the flame girl, ignited the torch of the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games before picking firearms.

On September 12, with the last torchbearer and Shaanxi martial arts athlete Wu Yanan, the torch relay of the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games ended.

  The suspense about who will finally ignite the main torch of the National Games and how to ignite the main torch of the National Games will soon be revealed.