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Hello minutos and minutas, how's life?

While waiting for me to finish my meal and put the children to bed, a little tour of the papers from our special envoy to the flat country to get in good condition


PSG: What is Amazon's documentary series for the club's 50th anniversary worth?


Bruges-PSG: Do the Parisians have the right not to win the Champions League this season?

The big day is here.

After having robbed Barça, repackaged Real Madrid, and stripped the rest of Europe of some priceless gems (Donnarumma, Hakimi, Wijnaldum), PSG begins the Champions League, the only competition it is not all absolutely sure to win this season.

However, a new failure in the queen competition, with such a workforce, let me tell you that we would laugh at the whole world, so let's not talk about a poor performance in Bruges, where Mbappé had signed a hat-trick in out of the bench a few seasons ago.

Exactly, no one envisages such a catastrophic scenario, but rather an offensive demonstration to impress the continent.

“Three pawns, four pawns, five pawns, how many will Club Brugge collect in its suitcase?

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