(Shaanxi National Games) Yang Jian, the final champion of the diving event of the 14th National Games: "Glorious years" start from this moment

  China News Service, Xi'an, September 14 (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "After the Tokyo Olympics, I have been suppressing my emotions and holding back a lot of energy. Today's National Games gold medal is a new start for me." Yang Jian, the winner of the men's 10-meter platform diving at the National Games of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the 14th National Games), said after the game.

  The diving event of the 14th National Games ended on the 14th. In the final men's 10-meter platform diving final, Yang Jian won the last gold medal in his pocket.

  The diving event of the current National Games has a total of 9 days. There are men's and women's teams, men's and women's 10-meter platforms, men's and women's 3-meter boards, men's and women's doubles of 10 meters, and men's and women's doubles of 3 meters. In the board and other projects, 13 gold medals were produced.

  In the men's 10-meter platform final, due to the absence of Tokyo Olympic champion Cao Yuan, the performance of Tokyo Olympic runner-up Yang Jian became the focus of the competition.

In the preliminaries, Yang Jian's six jumps were all first in a single round.

Rio Olympic champion Chen Aisen ranked second in the preliminaries with 519.95 points.

In the semifinals, Yang Jian's state fluctuated slightly, but he still ranked first with a total score of 549.90 points.

Shandong team "post-00" teenager Lian Junjie ranked second with 528.55 points, and Chen Aisen did not perform well in the third jump, ranking third with 489.85 points.

  In the final, Yang Jian played steadily, occupying the first place from the second jump, and keeping the advantage to the end, especially his last jump "turn forward and half bend" action, got a high score of 110.70 points.

  The diving competitions of the current National Games attracted attention due to the participation of many Olympic athletes. "Fights of the gods" caused by the "splash disappearing technique" frequently appeared in the diving competitions of the National Games.

At the same time, the "Diving Three Little Only" composed of Quan Hongchan, Chen Yuxi, and Zhang Jiaqi has become a hot topic on social platforms with its superb skills and every action off the court.

  "Today really withstood the pressure. Compared with the Olympic Games, the National Games gave me a very different feeling. The former is that I have been catching up, while the latter is that I want to withstand the impact of other opponents." Yang Jian said.

  "I think he waited for this gold medal for many years, so we are very happy and proud of him today." Yang Jian's coach Xu Xiang said after the game, after Yang Jian returned from the Olympics, it was a moment from the closed phase. Without relaxation training, to be able to have today's performance is more of his desire for this gold medal.

  After winning the championship, Yang Jian hugged Xu Xiang for a long time. In an interview, Yang Jian, with red eyes, also sang the classic song "Glory Years" by the Hong Kong band Beyond to express his heart.

  "I came to the competition today with the regret of the Olympics. Frankly speaking, the'burden' is heavier than participating in the Olympics. At the moment of winning the championship, my heart is mixed and unspeakable. I hope that the'glorious years' will start from this moment and continue until now. Paris in three years." (End)