The sumo wrestling autumn place is the third day, and Terunofuji of the new yokozuna wins Takanosho, and has won three consecutive victories from the first day.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Tokushoryu won the ten Daiamami by pushing out.

▽ Ichiyamamoto Chiyomaru is scooped by Chiyomaru.

▽ Toyoyama is pushed down by Chiyo no Kuni.

▽ In Kaisei, Chiyono Emperor is close to Chiyono Emperor.

▽ Tochinoshin won over Kensho, with Kensho taking the lead.

▽ Kotoeko is pushed out by Kotoeko.

▽ Endo is pushed out by Endo to Chiyotairyu.

▽ Myogiryu pushes Hidenoumi to Myogiryu.

▽ Okinoumi Ayumi Aoiyama won by pushing out Okinoumi Ayumi.

▽ Shosaru is good at throwing Shosaru.

▽ Abu Saki is pushed down by Abu Saki in Ura.

▽ Takarafuji is pushed down by Takarafuji in Shimanoumi.

▽ Daieishō won the Tamawashi by pushing out.

▽ Kotonowaka throws Kotonowaka to Chiyoshoma well.

▽ Koyui Mt. Kiriba withdrew to Takayasu.

▽ Akio Sekiwake of Wakatakakage was pushed down by Akio.

▽ Sekiwake Mitakeumi Hisashi Ryu is leaning over Mitakeumi.

▽ Ozeki Takakeisho, who is the corner number of Koyui Ichinojo, won by Ichinojo with a good throw.

Takakeishō has lost three games in a row.

▽ Masayo Ozeki Hokutofuji won by Masayo.

▽ Shin Yokozuna Terunofuji wins Takanosho, Terunofuji wins in a close-knit manner, and has won three consecutive victories since the first day.