(Shaanxi National Games) Olympic doubles champions all advanced to "Sister Lucky" and were encouraged by "Master Sha"

  China News Service, Xi’an, September 14th (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​On the 14th, the 14th National Games (referred to as the "14th National Games") badminton event entered the 10th match day. The famous doubles players returned from the Tokyo Olympics. All advanced to the semi-finals, women's doubles Olympic silver medalist Chen Qingchen also "integrated and interacted" with table tennis star Sun Yingsha to inject momentum into his promotion.

  Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, known by the fans as the “every dust combination”, won the silver medal in the badminton women's doubles at the Tokyo Olympics. This is also the first time a Chinese combination appeared in the Olympic badminton women's doubles after 9 years.

  In the women's doubles quarter-finals of the 14th dribble badminton in the afternoon that day, the "Fan Chen Group" defeated Sichuan's Qiao Shijun/Zhang Shuxian with 21:14 and 21:9.

After the game, the "Fanchen Group" did not forget to show each other's "love", "I especially cherish the days when we partner and cooperate together, and hope that we can stand on a higher podium in the future." Said Chen Qingchen, who was called "lucky sister" by fans. .

  In the one-eighth final held on the 13th, star tennis player Sun Yingsha appeared on the court to cheer for "apprentice" Chen Qingchen.

After the game, the two "mentor and apprentice" "fitted and interacted" in the athlete restaurant of the National Games Village.

"Master, how did I play today? Let's comment!" "Yes, I ran so fast, so fast..." The cross-border interaction between the two has also gained a lot of popularity on the social platform.

  Chen Qingchen said, "She always encouraged me yesterday, which made me relax a lot and feel more confident today." Chen Qingchen, who has more than one million fans on Weibo, also received enthusiasm from fans on the field.

"It's been a long time since we played in a stadium with so many spectators, and we are especially grateful to them for their hard work." Chen Qingchen said.

  The "Twin Towers" Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen, who also received full cheers on the court, defeated the Guangdong team Ren Xiangyu/Liang Weikeng at 23:25 in the first game, and made two consecutive 21:15 reversals to advance to the semi-finals.

  "Next, we will face the men's doubles combination of Wang Yilyu and Zheng Siwei. Although they are playing mixed doubles, their doubles strength is still very strong, and the speed is very fast. We still have to go all out in the semifinals." Liu Yuchen said, although in The badminton competitions of the National Games have not yet made the top four, but we still have to fight for it.

  In the Tokyo Olympics badminton mixed doubles final, world number one Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong lost to teammates Wang Yilyu and Huang Dongping 1:2 and won a silver medal. In the 14th National Games of the day, the two Olympic gold and silver pairs successfully advanced to the second round. (over)