Zlatan Ibrahimovic was successful in his comeback when Milan met Lazio on Sunday.

The Swede was substituted after an hour had been played and became the goal scorer until 2-0 just seven minutes later.

CLIP: Here Zlatan strikes directly in the comeback

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Here, Zlatan strikes directly in the comeback Photo: Bildbyrån

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Milan play in the Champions League away against Liverpool.

It will be without the 39-year-old Swede on the pitch due to the fact that he had problems with a hamstring.

It was the initiated football journalist, Fabrizio Romano, who came with the information first and which was later confirmed by Milan's coach, Stefano Pioli, during a press conference before the Champions League match tomorrow.

How bad it is with Ibrahimovic is still unclear.

Ibrahimovic had just returned from a long injury spell and his half hour on the pitch against Lazio this weekend was his first appearance in the Milan shirt since the goalless meeting with Juventus on 9 May.