KT, the leader of professional baseball, beat Doosan, who was aiming for a 7-game winning streak, and ran for 3 consecutive victories. Candidate infielder Shin Bon-ki wielded a decisive blow.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


KT had a no-out 2-3 base chance against the league's best ace Doosan Miranda in the 5th inning, falling 2-0, but Hoing and Moon Sang-cheol struck out in turn and seemed to miss the opportunity.

Shin Bon-gi, who started as a starting shortstop due to an injury to Shim Woo-jun, changed the mood.

He balanced 2-2 with a clean two-run left-handed hit, and even scored from a comeback when Doosan first baseman Fernandes made an error.

When Doosan made a tie with a surprise double-steal operation in the 6th, Shin Bon-gi came out as a solution again in the 7th.

He scored the final RBI with another just-time hit from the left on the two-out second base.

Lee Dae-eun, who regained his former position, and Kim Jae-yoon, the closing pitcher, kept the victory by one point 4-3.

KT, who had three consecutive wins, sprinted to the lead by five games.


NC defeated Kiwoom 10-8 with a home run by Jeon Min-soo in the 6th inning and maintained fifth place with 3 consecutive wins.

Lotte defeated KIA and continued their hopes for the fall feast with Han Dong-hee's performance, who scored 4 RBIs including a two-run home run in the 12th season.

Hanwha drove SSG to a four-game losing streak with home runs from Noh Soo-gwang, Noh Si-hwan, and Ha Joo-seok.

Samsung, which drew 3-3 with LG, became the first in history to draw 3 matches in a row.