The debut in the WRC came as late as February this year, then in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Here and there, Swedish Oliver Solberg landed a seventh place.

In June, Solberg won the Italian Rally di Alba.

Now he gets a new opportunity in a WRC car when the WRC kicks off in Spain in October.

- That's what I work for every day, all the time.

Having such an opportunity is a privilege, and I will do everything in my power to take care of it.

The atmosphere, special stages and fans in Catalonia are legendary, says Solberg in a press release.

This summer, Solberg would actually run his second World Cup competition, but was then prevented by his father Petter Solberg, tested positive for covid-19.

The World Cup competition in Spain takes place October 14-17 and is the last competition of the season.

KLIPP: Solberg leads the WRC2 class despite machine problems (14 August 2021)

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Oliver Solberg leads the WRC2 class.

Photo: TT