Jumbo-Visma gave cycling fan Xander Graham a wonderful day on Sunday.

The young Scot was given a tour of the team bus before the start of the final stage of the Tour of Great Britain and was allowed onto the starting podium with the Dutch team.

The relationship between Graham and Jumbo-Visma started on Saturday during the seventh stage.

Graham was cycling on the pavement next to the leading group when he received a water bottle from Pascal Eenkhoorn while driving:

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A day later, Eenkhoorn and Graham met again, this time for the start of the eighth stage in Stonehaven, Scotland.

The Dutch rider gave the boy a shirt with signature and a bag with merchandise from the team.

Graham was then also allowed to take a look at the Jumbo-Visma team bus, where Eenkhoorn explained where the showers and changing rooms are.

As the final piece, Graham was on the starting podium between Eenkhoorn, George Bennett, Gijs Leemreize and Wout van Aert.

The young Scot received a big round of applause from the spectators present.

Eenkhoorn finished fifth in the penultimate stage on Saturday.

Jumbo-Visma hopes to take the overall victory in the Tour of Great Britain on Sunday.

Van Aert has to make up for four seconds on British leader Ethan Hayter.


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