The final round of the Japan Ladies Professional Championship, the second major domestic golf course for women's golf, was held in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Mone Inami, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, scored up to 19 under in total. I stretched out and won the first major domestic championship in a reversal.

The 22-year-old Inami, who started with a total of 11 under pars from the lead, took four birdies in the first half and turned back to the top alone.

In the second half, he took four birdies with stable golf, increased his score by eight without bogey, and won his first major domestic victory with a total score of 19 under, which is the lowest score in the history of the tournament.

Inami was the 8th win in this season, which was unified last year, and the 9th in total.

Also, in the prize money ranking, he overtook Kogure Sakura, who was 30th in this tournament, to take the lead.

19-year-old Mao Saigo, who came out of the lead with the aim of winning the tour for the first time, came in second with a total of 15 unders, and Shiho Oyama was third with a total of 14 unders, one stroke behind.

Hinako Shibuno, who returned to the domestic tour for the first time in about a month and a half, finished 25th with a total of 3 unders and did not improve his score.