Red Bull Racing will not appeal the FIA's decision to give Max Verstappen a grid penalty.

The Dutchman crashed together with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday and will therefore be put three places back on the grid at the next race in Sochi, Russia.

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"We are disappointed with the three-place grid penalty, but accept the decision of the stewards," Horner said on Sunday evening.

"For us, the accident between Max and Lewis felt like a typical racing incident. There are things to point out for both drivers that they could have done differently."

Verstappen and Hamilton came into contact halfway through the race during a duel in the first chicane.

The crash caused both drivers to retire and not take points for the battle for the world title.

Hamilton was not penalized for the incident.

"Ultimately it is disappointing and frustrating for everyone that both cars are retired in an exciting season in which those two cars are competing for the world title," said Horner.

Max Verstappen's car ends up on top of Lewis Hamilton's at Monza.

Max Verstappen's car ends up on top of Lewis Hamilton's at Monza.

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Horner praises halo after crash

In the incident, Verstappen's car ended up on top of Hamilton's Mercedes.

Although Hamilton was hit by the Dutchman's tire on his helmet, the majority of the impact was absorbed by the halo, the protective bar on the cockpit.

Horner was therefore able to put the crash between the two title competitors into perspective a few hours after the race.

"The important thing is that the halo has done its job," he said.

"Although of course this is certainly not the way the race wanted to end."

World Cup leader Verstappen ran two points out of Hamilton, who is now five points behind the Dutchman, thanks to his second place in the sprint race.

The Formula 1 season will continue in two weeks with the Russian Grand Prix.

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