As part of the 7th day of Ligue 2, Pau and Caen met at the Michel-d'Ornano stadium.

Led by the score, Caen suffered a 2-1 defeat against a more efficient opponent Pau.

We will note the beautiful match of Armand, who was illustrated with his decisive pass and his goal.

To open the match, the two teams were placed in 1-le 4-2-3-1 by their coaches.

In the 23rd, on a serve from Armand, the Malherbistes opened the scoring thanks to Rivierez.

Then, in the 42nd, Gomis found the goalkeeper's net, scoring the second goal of the game.

The teams returned to the locker room at half-time with a score of 1-1.

The last goal was scored for Pau by Armand in the 59th.

The referee cautioned Caleb Zady, Evan's Allan and Daubin.

Rising 3 places, Pau moved to 4th position in the standings, ahead of Sochaux.

Caen fell to 9th place, losing 3 places following this defeat.

Caen and Pau: the next matches

Pau will play VAFC at Nouste Camp on September 18th at 7pm.

Bastia will face Caen on the same day on the same evening, at Armand-Cesari.

The results of Ligue 2 are available at the end of the matches on our website.

You can thus follow the evolution of the classification of Ligue 2. Also discover all the news of Ligue 2.

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The match sheet: line-ups, goals and refereeing

Caen - Pau: 1-2 (1-1 at half-time)

In Caen (Michel-d'Ornano stadium), on September 11, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Pau coach: Didier Tholot

Composition of Pau: Alexandre Olliero (1), Antoine Batisse (17), Kenji Van Boto (14), Victor Lobry (19), Jovan Nisic (10) [then Mahamadou Dembele in the 73rd], Erwin Koffi (7), Quentin Daubin (6), Xavier Laglais Kouassi (4), David Cafimipon Gomis (28) [then Jean Lambert Evan's Allan in the 68th], Ebenezer Assifuah (18) [then Samuel Essende in the 69th], Romain Armand (9) [then Eddy Sylvestre at the 88th]

Coach of Caen: Stéphane Moulin

Composition of Caen: Rémy Riou (1), Ali Abdi (25), Jonathan Rivierez (18), Yoël Armougom (3), Zeidane Inoussa (29) [then Evens Joseph in the 70th], Franklin Wadja (15) [then Ibrahim Cissé in the 70th], Johann Lepenant (12) [then Norman Bassette in the 85th], Prince Oniangue (6), Mehdi Chahiri (26), Caleb Zady Sery (10), Benjamin Jeannot (9) [then Andreas Hountondji in the 8th]

Goals: Rivierez (23rd), Gomis (42nd), Armand (59th)

Warnings: Caleb Zady (32nd) for Caen, Daubin (38th), Evan's Allan (71st) for Pau

No player sent off

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