On Thursday, the Swedish Ice Hockey Association released its evaluation of what went wrong at the World Cup in Riga this spring.

Tre Kronor went out in the group stage and according to the national team captain Johan Garpenlöv, one factor was that the players in the paper, inexperienced, were unsure of their roles in the team due to the lack of training matches before the tournament.

An explanation that SVT's expert Maria Rooth does not buy completely.

- They were in that they got nine players last week.

They could have skipped that in some way.

They could have taken the players they had at home, I think that is a bit of a bad excuse really.

They wanted the players in, the problem was that they lacked a clear division of roles among the players who came in, says Rooth.

She is of the opinion that clarity is A and O in a national team.

- Especially under these conditions (with the pandemic).

The players must know exactly what role they have and what is expected of them, and this must be done long before they get in place at the championship itself.

KLIPP: Here the Russian team decides against Tre Kronor (31 May 2021)

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Here the Russian team decides against Tre Kronor Photo: Bildbyrån.