Vieira, a professional baseball giant who has been holding back since the middle of this season, complained of discomfort in his right elbow, and his registration as a player in the 1st Army was canceled on the 9th.

Vieira has pitched in 46 games so far this season with 0 wins, 1 loss, 16 saves and an earned run average of 2.54, marking the fastest professional baseball game of 166 kilometers in August.

In addition, from May 3rd to 1st of this month, he has been active in breaking the professional baseball record of foreign players by keeping the number of goals free for 32 games in a row.

However, he lost a goal in the game against Yakult on the 2nd of this month and the record of no consecutive goals was cut off, and he was hit by a goodbye home run in the game against the Hanshin Tigers on the 4th.

According to the team, pitcher Vieira complained of discomfort in his right elbow and was deregistered as a player in the 1st Army on the 9th.

Giants Tatsunori Hara said of pitcher Vieira, "I don't think it's that bad, but I chose to have him in good condition within a 10-day grace period."