17-year-old table tennis star Shin Yu-bin sparked a big topic by choosing to join a business team instead of going to high school. After becoming an office worker, I learned a lot from my older sister who was a colleague at the Tokyo Olympics in the first domestic competition I participated in.

Byung-min Yoo.


Shin Yubin joined Korean Air in February of last year, but the domestic competition was continuously canceled due to Corona 19, so she made her debut in a year and 7 months.

Shin Yu-bin, who won two straight wins, met Jeon Ji-hee, a 12-year-old national team ace, in the quarterfinals.

After the introduction of his father, who was a table tennis player, who was in charge of the business competition,

[Shin Yu-bin's father: POSCO Energy Jeon Ji-hee vs Korean Air Shin Yu-bin. 1 (No.) Tak (Gudae)] A

hot match between seniors and juniors unfolded.

Shin Yu-bin, who was pushed to the edge of the cliff after dropping two sets, won three sets and started chasing.

In the 4th set, we had a close deuce match, but unfortunately we were eliminated because we could not get over the wall of our older sister.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air: I think the pressure is starting to come a little bit after the Olympics. (Jeon Ji-hee) My older sister is better, so I think better content came out.]


Yu-bin, an

office worker, is determined to wash away the disappointment of the individual event by winning the team event.

[Shin Yu-bin / Korean Air: It was my first match because I was unemployed, and I wanted to win the team event more than the singles match, and I said a lot of things like, 'What should I do if my sister makes a hole in that team match? That's why I'm preparing better.]

Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee, who competed in good faith, will join forces again at the Asian Championships at the end of this month.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, Video editing: Park Chun-bae)