All new, all beautiful, here is 

100% Lens

, our new podcast entirely devoted to RC Lens news.

Each week, specialists from the Artesian club will come to talk about the Sang et Or. In this first issue, we discuss the good start to the Sang et Or season. What can be the ambitions of the Artesian club in Ligue 1?

Finally, we also look back on the good performance of Jonathan Clauss by wondering if he can knock on the door of the France team.

Every Monday afternoon

The concept of this 100% Lens podcast?

Four sports journalists from Lens (

La Voix du Nord


20 Minutes

 and Wéo) behind a microphone to discuss the news of the Blood and Gold. An audio program offered from every Monday afternoon on the 

20 Minutes site 


the various podcast hosting platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, etc.).

And a TV broadcast on the Wéo channel on Monday and Wednesday.


How "Les corons" became the unofficial anthem of RC Lens


RC Lens - ASSE: The Sang et Or concede a draw for their reunion with the Lensois public ... Relive this match live

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