Chinanews client, Beijing, September 7th (Xingchen Liu) The highest podium that symbolizes infinite honor stands on. This may be what every athlete is looking forward to.

But the cruelty of competitive sports lies in the fact that even if it used to smash the arena and its pride, it was ultimately no match for the "erosion" of the years and turned away.

  On September 6, Ding Ning, a famous Chinese table tennis player and Olympic champion, announced his retirement.

After removing her status as a professional athlete, she chose to go to Peking University for further studies.

What new outlets will the athletes have after they retire?

Data map: The 2018 ITTF Star Awards Ceremony was announced in Incheon, South Korea. Ding Ning, who led the Chinese women's team to the top of the Team World Cup and Team World Championships and won the gold medal in the Women's Singles World Cup, won the honor of the best female athlete of the year for the fourth time.

Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

Enter the campus to continue your studies

  In fact, Ding Ning's choice has become a representative of some athletes.

Due to the daily devotion to training and competitions of all sizes, the time professional athletes spend studying at the desk has been compressed a lot.

So, after finishing their careers as athletes, many of them chose to return to campus to continue their studies.

  From Deng Yaping went to Cambridge University to study for a PhD in economics, to Liu Guoliang entered Shanghai Jiao Tong University to study human resource management; from Deng Linlin was recommended to the School of International Relations of Peking University, to Liu Xiang became a doctoral student at East China Normal University; and recently chose to pursue a master’s degree in physical education Ding Ning, more and more sports athletes regained the youthful campus life after leaving the stadium.

Data map: Wang Nan spoke at an event.

Photo by Liu Changyong

Join the coaching position

  Whether it is an Olympic champion or a veteran who has been on the field for many years, they have already been branded by sports.

Although they are no longer athletes, they are destined to be accompanied by their respective passions. From grassroots coaches to professional team coaches, most of them took up the coach to make a successful transition.

  After the Beijing Olympics, the famous table tennis player Wang Nan chose to retire.

She started playing at the age of 7 and won 24 world championships in her career, but her story with table tennis is not over.

  After some exploration, she decided to devote herself to the youth table tennis business, focusing on the promotion of sports culture and building an interactive platform for youth education.

From the establishment of the "Small Ball Love" charity plan to becoming the head of operation of the Weihai Nanhai National Table Tennis Training Base, Wang Nan is committed to making table tennis "start from a baby".

Data map: Tianjin National Games Women's 50m Rifle 3-Position Finals were held in Tianjin Tuanbo Sports Center Shooting Hall.

The picture shows Du Li watching the battle.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  In the men's 50-meter rifle three-position final at the Tokyo Olympics, "post-00s" teenager Zhang Changhong broke the world record and Olympic record with a 466 ring and successfully won the championship.

39-year-old Du Li hugged his disciple after the game, and his excitement was beyond words.

  "I used to be an athlete and played by myself. This is the first time I participated in the Olympics as a coach. I didn't expect my team members to stand on the highest podium," Du Li said with pride.

  The first gold of the Chinese delegation was shot in the Athens Olympics, and the Beijing and Rio Olympics continued their efforts. Du Li's career as an athlete was accompanied by honors.

After retiring, Du Li entered the national team as a coach.

She said frankly that being a coach is like a parent, seeing her children grow step by step, she feels very fulfilled.

The 2020-2021 season CBA finals came to an end on the evening of May 1.

In the end, the Guangdong men's basketball team defeated the Liaoning men's basketball team 110:103 after overtime and won the CBA championship.

The picture shows Yao Ming presenting awards to the championship team.

Image source: Visual China

Served as the project leader in charge

  During the athlete period, Yao Ming became synonymous with Chinese basketball and even Chinese sports.

CBA record-maker, NBA champion, Chinese men's basketball leader, his appearance helped Chinese basketball to be seen more by the world.

On July 20, 2011, Yao Ming announced his retirement.

  And he did not leave the basketball career, but also eager to use his own way to lead Chinese basketball to make greater achievements in the international arena.

20 From the vice chairman of the CBA company, to the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, the chairman and general manager of the China Vocational Association, and then to the chairman of the Asian Basketball Federation.

Yao Ming vigorously promoted the reform of the CBA league, adjusted foreign aid policies, and established the concept of "big national team". After retiring, he has been working hard.

Data map: Li Ning.

Test the waters of the commercial market

  Athletes have accumulated a large number of sports contacts in their careers. Among them, many people have chosen to test the waters of the commercial market after retiring.

Figure skating star Pang Qing and Tong Jian founded the figure skating app. The "ice lovers" who have been on the field for 22 years continue to promote the ice and snow career; in 2013, gymnast Chen Yibing ended his 24 years of professional career, and he became a sportsman. The chairman of the company provides services for nationally certified fitness coaches.

  The most successful transition from sports to business is the former gymnastics champion Li Ning.

The "Li Ning" brand that he founded has become well-known everywhere, and he has also become a leader in the successful transformation of the commercial market from the sports world.

Data map: Guoyu Meritorious Captain Cai Yun participated in the recording of the program for the picture

Switch to sports commentary

  Compared with traditional commentators, retired athletes are well versed in their respective events and can tell the audience the story behind the stadium based on their own game experience. Many people have chosen to talk about it in the commentary post.

  After retiring from the national table tennis player, Yang Ying studied broadcasting and hosting, and finally successfully transformed into a table tennis commentator. Badminton Olympic champion Cai Yun also commented on major events such as the Sudirman Cup and the badminton year-end final as a guest; Former women's volleyball leader Hui Ruoqi, former men's basketball players Wang Shipeng and Zhang Yunsong, etc., all played guest roles after retiring.

Data map: The picture shows Tian Liang participating in the variety show "All Members Accelerating".

Enter the entertainment industry

  While the athletes fought for honor on the field, they also gained a lot of attention from the outside world.

After retiring, it is also a good strategy to enter the entertainment circle and pass on positive sports energy through more activities.

  In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, diving athlete Tian Liangyi became popular for "jumping". His handsome appearance made him deeply loved by the public.

At the Athens Olympics, he won the double 10-meter platform championship. In 2007, he officially announced his retirement.

After that, Tian Liang transformed into the entertainment industry.

From starring in various themes of movies to appearing in variety shows, he almost created a precedent for retired athletes to enter the entertainment circle.

  From the gymnasts Li Xiaopeng and Yang Wei, to the "Chinese trapeze" Liu Xiang, and then to the former "Tennis Sister" Li Na, after retiring, the athletes began to choose to tell the story between sports and sports through the lens to show the audience the other side. At the same time, it is also working hard to further promote sports.