China News Service, Beijing, September 7th (Reporter Chen Hang) Winter Olympics motion capture system, artificial intelligence autonomous interview robot... During the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the China Service Trade Fair), a batch of technology Outstanding sports technology and smart application products have been unveiled, many of which have directly participated in the service guarantee work of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Participate in the Winter Olympics service guarantee

  In the Yanqing exhibition area, Bisheng Sports exhibited with optical shooting equipment.

In the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports event testing activities in February this year, Bisheng Sports provided three technical and system support for the biathlon electronic target hardware system, operating keyboard training, shooting link timing and scoring and generating competition technical reports.

  The intelligent motion perception technology and auxiliary training system exhibited by Bingfeng Technology will undertake the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" major special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and provide daily training and testing services for the Winter Olympics and Paralympic National Teams.

The picture shows the Yanqing exhibition area of ​​the Winter Expo.

Photo courtesy of the Winter Expo Organizing Committee

  In addition, the ski resort smart service platform and ski robot of Snow Race Technology, Qiweixun’s epidemic prevention and inspection robot, Hantao Zhiying’s 5G+8K intelligent vision system, and Mingxing Snow’s indoor snowmaking machine and smart There are dozens of sports technology products based on artificial intelligence, disaster warning, precise positioning, etc., including safe micro-core piles.

Service venue testing and collaborative training

  At the Technology Winter Olympics Forum of the Winter Expo held recently, Tong Yongbo, Vice President, PMO, and General Manager of Suirui Technology Group stated that Suirui Group is a collaborative office system provider for the Winter Olympics and has been providing services and support for the Technology Winter Olympics. , Mainly including collaborative training, international conferences and venue testing.

  Tong Yongbo said that the epidemic has further highlighted the importance of collaborative office.

In accordance with the requirements of high security and simultaneous interpretation in international conferences, the launch of high-security cloud video conferences not only realizes the isolation of internal and external meetings, but also supports simultaneous interpretation, realizing the needs and demonstration applications of internal meetings in more than ten venues .

  "We have a complete solution for large-scale events and remote video conferences, enabling mobile users to join conferences anytime and anywhere, multi-venue collaborative conferences, remote simultaneous interpretation, voice recognition, conference management and conference recording, etc." Tong Yongbo mentioned, except for video In addition to communication capabilities, Suirui also provides a complete collaborative office solution, covering collaborative work, personnel management, schedule management, language translation, meeting room reservations, etc.

Improve the game viewing experience

  Yu Hong, director of the Technology Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said earlier that the rapid development of communication technology strongly supports the preparation of the Olympic Games, enabling audiences to experience the unique charm of the Olympic movement in multiple dimensions and across time and space.

  Yu Hong mentioned that 5G coverage in Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road and the city’s sub-centers has been achieved, and typical application scenarios outside the Fifth Ring Road have been accurately covered. All Winter Olympic venues and roads connected to the venues have achieved 5G signal coverage for the Beijing Winter Olympics. A good foundation.

  Yu Hong said that in terms of smart venue construction, a collaborative 5G network has been established to realize venue-side business diversion and video processing, and 5G-based energy management, equipment detection and early warning, security management, and traffic scheduling have been established to realize the availability of venues. Control and visual.

In addition, spectators can use the 5G network to realize instant transmission of photos and improve the interactive viewing experience.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in 2022, when 5G applications will be more extensive.