China News Service, Beijing, September 3rd, Beijing time, on the 3rd, in the first round of the 2021 US Open Women’s Doubles, Chinese player Zhang Shuai and partner Stosur swept the Paulini/Tehiman combination in two sets and advanced to women’s doubles. Second round.

But in the singles arena, Zhang Shuai missed the third round.

Image source: US website official blog.

  In the first round of the women's doubles, as the No. 14 seed Zhang Shuai/Stosur of the new Cincinnati station, they won eight games in a row in the second half of the game, and finally defeated Paulini/Tehiman 6:4/6:0. Will play against Miyi Kato/Santa Maria in the next round.

  In the first round of the previous women's singles, Zhang Shuai defeated the local wild card player Baptiste 6:3/6:4 in straight sets and successfully advanced.

In the previous Grand Slam competitions this year, Zhang Shuai averaged out of the first round in the women's singles. This time she finally achieved a breakthrough in the US Open.

  But in the second round of the women's singles, Zhang Shuai lost to Radukanu 2:6/4:6 and missed the third round.