Kohei Arihara, a pitcher of the Major League Baseball Rangers, has made a comeback pitch since May against the Rockies and pitched well with one goal in the middle of the fourth inning.

In May, pitcher Arihara, who was in the first year of the Major League Baseball, had an arterial aneurysm on his right shoulder and underwent surgery.

Pitcher Arihara had good control over the changing ball and took two strikeouts at a time, so he didn't even have one runner up to three times.

In the 4th inning with a 5-point lead, he was replaced when he was hit by a solo home run, which was his first hit from 1 out. He took three strikeouts in the book and scored one goal.

The Rangers lost 5 to 9 in a come-from-behind defeat, and pitcher Arihara was not defeated, remaining 2 wins and 3 losses.

Arihara "I'm very happy to be thrown safely"

Pitcher Arihara made a good pitch with one goal in the middle of the fourth inning, despite the limited number of balls, after returning to the pitch for the first time in about four months after the operation on the aneurysm of the right shoulder.

After the match, pitcher Arihara said, "I'm very happy that I was thrown safely, and I'm relieved that I'm finally back. I think the control and the accuracy of the changing ball were thrown more firmly than I expected." talked.

Regarding the current condition, "I don't care at all about the same feeling as when I was good. I think that I have returned to the normal state. I thought that the ball speed would be a little higher, so I adjusted it firmly so that I can raise it next time. I want to go. "

Padres Darvish's first seven consecutive losses

Padres pitcher Yu Darvish started in the match against Diamondbacks in Phoenix, the home of his opponent, but suffered a ninth loss with six goals in the middle of the third inning.

Darvish lost 5 points in the 3rd inning of 0-0 with 5 hits including a two-run home run, and was replaced when the pinch continued with 2 outs, and the relief pitcher was also hit, resulting in 6 runs. rice field.

Eight hits were hit, one walk, and three strikeouts.

The Padres lost 3-8, and Darvish pitched 7-9 in his first seven consecutive losses.

Darvish "I just have to practice"

At a post-match press conference, Darvish analyzed the cause of the defeat, saying, "My body wasn't bad at all. The two seams didn't bend as I expected, the slider went into a sweet spot, and I've been doing the same thing all the time." Did.

This season, he was suffering from hip and hip tension, and pitcher Darvish said, "After I hurt my hip joint once, my good condition disappeared the next day, so I was able to continue. No. I'm off tomorrow, but I think I have to practice and fill it anyway. "

Darvish is scheduled to start the Angels game next time if the rotation is followed, but "Honestly, I'm not a player who thinks about Otani now. Otani is not somehow, anyway, the team I'm thinking of pitching so that I can lead to victory. "

Pirates Tsutsugo starter as a designated hitter

Pirates Yoshitomo Tsutsugo started in the White Sox game in Chicago, the home of the opponent, with the 6th designated hitter, and made a two-base hit in the first at-bat twice.

The 2nd at bat was the first grounder, the 3rd at bat was a strikeout, and the 4th at bat in the 8th inning was a scene where the team caught up by 2 points and was still 2 outs, 1st base and 2nd base. It was a hit.

Pirates lost 3 to 6.

Reds Akiyama defensively participated in the middle

Reds player Shogo Akiyama has been defending the left field since the sixth inning in the second doubleheader match against the Cardinals in his hometown of Cincinnati.

The turn at bat did not turn and the Reds won 12-2.