Data map: Jeremy Lin (blue) playing for Beijing Shougang in the game.

Photo by Wei Liang

  China News Service, Beijing, September 2nd. On the evening of the 1st, basketball star Jeremy Lin revealed in a video connection that his nucleic acid test has turned negative and he will be discharged from the hospital today.

  In the live broadcast, Jeremy Lin said: “I’m so touched and so happy. It’s hard to express that feeling in words.” At the same time, Jeremy Lin said that if he could stand in the CBA arena again, it would be better than the first time. A deeper meaning.

"I hope that through basketball, the world can understand Asian culture and respect Asian players."

  On August 7th, Beijing time, Jeremy Lin announced through his personal social media that when he flew from San Francisco to Shanghai on the third day of isolation, the nucleic acid test became positive.

  He said that he had been vaccinated in the United States, and had done multiple nucleic acid and serum tests before and after coming to China, but "I don't know where the situation occurred during the journey or the virus was attacked."

  On the 18th, Jeremy Lin posted a message on his personal social media that he is safe, saying that his symptoms of new coronary pneumonia have basically disappeared and he believes that he will return to the hotel soon and continue to be quarantined.

  Jeremy Lin, who played for the Beijing Shougang team, returned to the United States after the end of the 2019-2020 CBA season, intending to return to the NBA.

But in the last season, Jeremy Lin’s NBA return was blocked everywhere, and he ultimately failed to sign with any NBA team.

  At the same time, the record of the Beijing Shougang team last season also fell precipitously, from fourth in the 2019-2020 season, to the end of the 2020-2021 regular season, they are still fighting for playoff qualification until they finally ranked first in the season. Nine.

  On June 12 this year, Jeremy Lin posted on social media: “Beijing Shougang, I’m back! Fans, we will meet soon.” However, since the new season CBA will adopt the all-China class competition system, it is still unclear whether Jeremy Lin can Returning to the CBA is still unknown.

  However, Jeremy Lin has already stated that he will return to the Beijing Shougang team if foreign aid is allowed in the CBA league in the new season.